GOLDBUG: Return to a gold standard?

Plan To Return America To the Gold Standard Set To Be Offered at Washington
Lehrman, One-Time Member of Reagan-Era Gold Commission, Foresees Five-Year Transition
By SETH LIPSKY, Special to the Sun | September 26, 2011

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Step two in the Lehrman Plan would be the minting by the Treasury and authorized private mints of what Mr. Lehrman calls “legal tender gold coin in appropriate denominations, free of any and all taxation.” The taxation point is a key one. Currently, if the value of the dollar collapses while one is holding gold coins, one can be taxed when one spends those coins.

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As a fat old white guy injineer, I have learned to ignore what politicians and bureaucrats say and look at results.

The Federal Reserve Bank — which neither “federal”, nor a “bank”, while “reserve”-ing nothing — is nothing more than an “OPEC” for a secret money cabal.

So let’s look at the track record of the FED. Now bear in mind that their stated objective, depending upon what mumbo jumbo you’ve listened to, is either or both “strong dollar”, “full” employment, “weak dollar”, “price stability”, or a “weak dollar”.

But let’s focus on the results!

Since 1970, the purchasing power of the dollar has dropped arguably between 95 to 99%.

If “money” is supposed to have a “store of value” attribute, then the dollar fails in that key characteristic.

A most telling argument from a recent Republican Presidential Debate was Ron Paul’s assertion that the price of gas in terms of silver hasn’t changed. Three pre-1964 dimes bought a gallon of gas in the 60’s and those same dimes when converted to Federal Reserve Notes today — 3 time $2.80 = $8.40 — would buy more than a gallon of gas anywhere in the USA.

SOOOooo it’s the value of the dollar that has eroded.

I wish this gallant warrior “Good Luck” getting the USA back to the gold standard. I don’t see it happening peacefully.

Secession is the only path.

When common folk begin to save their wealth in gold and silver, then the days of the FED are over.

When “We, The Sheeple” recognize that they’ve been defrauded, then we have a chance to recover.

All that has to happen is the repeal of legal tender laws, and the free market will fix the problem.

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INTERESTING: Why DOES it have to be a …

How Many … To Screw in a Light Bulb?
By Dan Kennedy

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At Disney, the oldest joke about the Imagineers – goes like this:

Q: How many Imagineers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

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I call this the Open Architecture Concept. Very, very, very, very few people, in percentage terms, in ratio to population, conduct their businesses or live their lives based on Open Architecture. To the contrary, they approach whatever business they are in by getting a small rule book from somebody or by observing peers, then treat that as a box with cement walls.

Some cultures are still all about closed architecture: caste systems that confine people to the same status in society as their parents, arranged marriages, discriminatory laws that make women chattel and prohibit them from so much as leaving their homes unaccompanied by a husband, father, or brother. Before the interstate highway system, we were a relatively immobile society, so over 70% of the people lived and died and never left whatever town they were born in.

In my business life, narrowly and broadly, I’ve never accepted closed architecture. A narrow example: I never let the client define the assignment. The client says: How much to have you write a sales letter? I say: Why does it have to be a sales letter?

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Ahhh, yes, getting outside the box. Maybe that’s why I find “Dharma & Greg” or Lucille Ball funny. Always in the extreme.

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INTERESTING: Chelsea Clinton BoD IAC?

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Of course: Barry Diller’s IAC, a global internet and media conglomerate, announced that Chelsea Clinton will join the company’s board of directors. The position pays an annual stipend of $50,000 and comes with stock options (!). A company spokesman explained the rationale:

‘Ms. Clinton is a keenly intelligent, insightful and inspirational young woman with experience in consulting and public policy, whose skills and background complement the existing areas of expertise of other board members.

She’s 31.

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Does anyone understand what she brings to the table? Maybe Mom and Dad!

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SERVICE: Anyone else seeing problems with GMAIL?

Lately, I’ve been noticing poor response times from GMAIL, but not GREADER?


Could the vaunted Google email infrastructure have problems?

A lot of folks have organized their personal lives and corporate careers around free Google apps like GMAIL.

Is their a chink in that armor?

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INTERESTING: Vanishing cruise passengers and pink elephants

The vanishing passengers: It’s a mystery as bizarre as it is disturbing – why have 165 people gone missing from cruise ships in recent years?


Last updated at 11:06 PM on 21st September 2011

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His case is far from unique. Over the past few years, there have been an alarming number of unexplained and unsolved disappearances on board cruise liners.

According to the U.S.-based International Cruise Victims Association, 165 people have gone missing at sea since 1995, with at least 13 this year alone — many of them from vessels popular with British holidaymakers.

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Good way to: (1) get rid of a significant other with paying them off; OR (2) good way to disappear if things are not going so good — slip into a second identity — with a shill to “check in”; OR (3) easy to suicide.


#2 is most interesting to me. One would assume that, if you were not as infamous as a “Bernie Made-off” or as famous as Angie Harmon, as well as well off to the tune of millions, then you could use this to skip.

We know that to “leave” the USA is very expensive as the IRS keeps tightening controls on wealth crossing borders. Perhaps this phenomena could be the ultimate exit strategy.

Assuming that the cruise ships have “pretty good” physical security — after all they want to get paid for all the passengers, stowaways are not permitted — one way to do #2 is to book two passengers — Identity #1 and Identity #2. The trick would be for one person to get them both “checked in”. Then during the cruise, morph from ONE to TWO. In the post 9/11 world, one would have to know the process in detail or have some inside help.

Wonder how the crew “checks off” the ship. Could a passenger become a crew member?

This is the stuff of a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

But me, and my tin foil hat, doesn’t rule out that it IS possible. Like a Pink Elephant, I can imagine it; so it must be possible.

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RANT: 20,000 stingers loose in the world on BHO44’s watched

By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann 09.28.2011

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For twenty years – long before 9/11 – the danger of terrorists armed with surface to air missiles shooting at passenger planes has been the secret fear of many top political leaders. In the late 90s, a terrorist network was nabbed trying to bring them into Newark Airport, but the airline industry and the government have done nothing to equip passenger airplanes with any defense against these always deadly missiles.

Now Barack Obama has committed the ultimate sin: He has let 20,000 surface-to-air missiles escape from military depots in Libya. According to ABC News “U.S. officials had once thought there was little chance that terrorists could get their hands on many of the portable surface-to-air missiles that can bring down a commercial jet liner. But now that calculation is out the window, with officials at a recent secret White House meeting reporting that thousands of them have gone missing in Libya.” An estimated 20,000 of these “portable, heat-seeking missiles have gone missing from unguarded Army weapons warehouses.”

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Are you kidding me?

And this happened on BHO44’s watch!

Anyone, who gets on a plane anywhere in the world, has to be thinking — all the terrorist needs is one!


We are so <synonym for the past tense of the procreation act>!!!

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