NEWJERSEY: Revolving door?

Community Message has been issued by the South Brunswick Twp Police Department.
Friday February 11, 2011 11:21 AM EST

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At 3:25pm Thursday afternoon South Brunswick Police were called to the Target department store on Route 1 for a theft. Officers arrived and learned that Target loss prevention personnel stopped Ashley Vohdin age 27 of Metuchen as she was leaving the store with stolen baby formula. Officer Ken Herman and Officer Lazlo Nyitrai determined that two other suspects were in the parking lot waiting for Vohdin.

Officer approached the two men Brian Bomba age 31 of South River and Anthony Kunsevich age 29 of East Brunswick. Officers obtained consent to search their vehicle and discovered another 17 cans of stolen formula. In addition police recovered heroin and a syringe in the car. The officers investigation determined that the suspects had been shoplifting all day. The suspects had stolen the items from a Target and A&P in Edison prior to coming to South Brunswick. The suspects had intended on selling the formula to small stores and getting money.

A judge authorized all suspects to be released on summonses pending their first court appearances. All three were charged with possession of stolen property. Bomba and Kunsevich were charged with heroin possesion. Vohdin was charged with shoplifting

For full details, go to

Contact Information:
Sgt Jim Ryan

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Does this judge live in my world?

They are addicts. They need a fix. How are they going to earn the money to get that fix.

That’s why the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” has to end. It’s stupid.

If drugs were legal, then they’d be cheap and maybe addicts wouldn’t have to steal to feed their habits.


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