NETWORK: Carriers Hold the Cards

Verizon iPhone Shows You Can’t Win: Carriers Hold the Cards

By Brian X. Chen February 7, 2011 | 4:45 pm

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On the day that iPhone preorders began last week, Verizon quietly revised its policy on data management: Any smartphone customer who uses an “extraordinary amount of data” will see a slowdown in their data-transfer speeds for the remainder of the month and the next billing cycle. It’s a bit of a bait-and-switch. One of Verizon’s selling points for its version of the iPhone is that it would come with an unlimited data plan — a marked contrast to AT&T, which eliminated its unlimited data plans last year.

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“A BIT”!

Are you kidding me?

Where’s the FTC on false advertising, the FCC on “telecom regulation”, and DOJ on “restraint of trade”? (… or do you think APPLE’s IPAD just isn’t welcome on the T-MOBILE network.)

How come they (DOJ) took AT&T apart at the seams and ruined a “national treasure” (Universal cheap local phone service and Bell Labs)? But they leave the cesspool of cable and telcos “unregulated”. Talk about “regulatory capture”!

I think it’s “real simple”. Reintroduce the idea that you can make hardware, software, or the network. But never the twain shall meet. If you open an “app store” then you can’t be in the business of making software.

How about the doctrine of “first sale” and all this “licensing” nonsense? You have to be kidding me!

The crippled DVRs of the cable and telcos is unfair competition with TIVO.

And, billing? Sorry but you can’t mislabel “fees” as “taxes”. And, you can’t pre-bill, post-bill, or change it as you go along.

Finally, “agreements” that are “agreed to” after the purchase, or have legalese, or that are 37 pages of small print designed to be “read” in real time on a computer screen should be presumed to be fraudulent and thus null and void.

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