RANT: Responding to a comment about “Gooferment Skrules”


>Corporate America, … are all on board for school “privatization”

In America, I doubt you could get that lot “on board” for anything. And, btw, the Facebook guy gave his money to what? Wasn’t it a “public school system”?

>charter schools and school vouchers would be dead in the water

The really ARE “dead in the water”. The Teacher’s Union will ensure that they are crippled out of the box with restrictions and conditions.

>libertarians hate public schools because they are selfish

No, this little L libertarian hates Gooferment Skrules because they are funded by force.

>just don’t want to pay taxes.

You’re right. I want to buy services in the marketplace where I can pick and choose. Yes to Burger King; no to Wendy’s. I don’t want to be forced to fund McD’s and then told “but you’re free to go elsewhere.” If you steal my wealth, (what little of it I have), then I am NOT free.

>They got their public education

Nope; I got none of that there “pub lick eddykation”.

>attitude is tough luck to the children who are

>being educated in public schools.

Were that they WERE being “educated” in those Gooferment Skrules! They are being propagandized! And, poorly at that. If you look at the stats.

>I received a public education

Well, good for you. Nice to hear that the money poured down the rathole wasn’t totally wasted. And, I’m sure you will tell us how wonderful that Gooferment education was. No propaganda or brain washing there. You’re just defending anything the Gooferment does because that’s the right way to do it.

>I consider it to be an investment in the future.

I love when folks muddle the language. “Investment” is when someone puts capital at risk in hope of a return. My capital was seized by the State and I have no hope of a return. It ain’t “investment” to spend stolen wealth on the euphemism of “public schools”. It’s about “milking the system” for the benefit of politicians, bureaucrats, and their “friends”.

> I got my public education and I want current and future kids to receive a public education.

And, I want to be thin, young, hndsome, and live in peace with my neighbors. It ain’t going to happen! For as long as you and your gang of costumed thugs continue to rob me like a mafia.

>We pool our tax dollars for the common good

No, WE DON’T “pool”. We are ROBBED to fund the things that the elite think are important.

Why do I have to be robbed to to fund any of those things. If I want that “service”, I should be allowed to “buy” it.

Just because, you yell about the Gooferment paying for stuff, doesn’t make it the only way or the right way to do it.

Because ALL Gooferment actions are rooted in FORCE — forcing people to pay for this stuff, those actions are IMMORAL and doomed to failure.

Those things that are NOT outright failures — and it’s hard to think of one thing that is not, are too costly when compared with “private” alternatives. (That’s because a “greedy” businessman is incentivized to satisfy the buyer at the lowest possible cost.)

> NJ public schools are top rated

That’s like saying I have the “prettiest pig in the pen”.

>graduation rates

Are manipulated by politicians and bureaucrats. For example, dropouts are not counted.

>population living in poverty

We disagree about the definition of “poverty”, but I blame the Gooferment for what you cite.

>some schools with serious challenges

Like graduating children scarred for life by not being able to read!

>If we had universal health care and state supported after school care

We’d all be broke and the problems would still exist!

>Germany or Finland have

So why are you here, trying to turn us into them.

>School choice is not a free ride

I don’t like anything that uses tax dollars. Parents had the children; they should educate them. It’s NOT my responsibility!

>Chinese immersion charter school is approved with no input from tax payers.

All Gooferment Skrules are nuts!

# # # # #

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