JOBSEARCH: Building value on Facebook

So, you’re on Facebook and you have dotcomeraden! (

Big deal!

What can you do on Facebook that is UNIQUE and helps your “facebook friends”?

Remember before anyone is motivated to do something for you (e.g., tell you about your perfect job they heard about; email you encouragement when you’re in a rough patch; just send you the latest joke; write you a LinkedIn recommendation; not “defriend”” you), you have to do something for them!

So, here’s an idea.

Facebook tells you every day, who among your dotcomeraden has a birthday. Send them an “hb”.


If you have dotcomeraden on Facebook who share a birthday, send them a message, a “you should be friends” Facebook option.

Here’s what I send:

*** begin quote ***

Best wishes on your mutual day.

I always thought birthdays were a great way to setup a granfalloon — — strange idea. A very important concept in “job search”. I’ve sent you connection suggestions of some “sharers”.

This is a Robbie Burns message. You know the gift to see ourselves as others see us. Facebook tells me that you share the day; it doesn’t tell you. Here’s a gift. A networking stretching weird one.

Nota Bene: They did say that “opportunity” knocks. What they did NOT tell you was what you’d find when you opened the door. It’s a great free offer requiring nothing more from you but to be open to something new. What throws you off, in this case, is that “opportunity” is disguised as a fat old man with strange ideas. ROFL!!!


*** end quote ***

It’s a modest effort to build a community.

Even if I’m not elligible to be in it. Not sharing the same birthday, that is.

I’m hoping that in the coming months that one of my many “birthday grandfalloon” attempts tells me that they have “encircled” and had positive results (i.e., partied at the half-year point, made real friendships, exchanged “help” of whatever kind, or such!)

That’s why I’m doing the “birthday gathering chore” each morning.


Yeah, I know, get a life.

But what have you DONE to build value for your dotcomeraden on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, or such.

At least I’ve found one small thing.

# # # # #

One Response to JOBSEARCH: Building value on Facebook

  1. Dave Lucas says:

    Good article! I’ve been trying to corral a “following” (not really the right word) by bundling my blogs, social network sites and services. While blogspot, facebook, linkedin, myspace, mybloglog, livejournaland c-box all take their rightdul places in my personal networld, I haven’t yet found the right “thread’ to sew them all together.


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