INOVATION: what3words saves lives and resources

Published on Nov 22, 2017

Stanplus is an ambulance service in Hyderabad that has integrated what3words into its system. People calling them for emergency and medical transportation support can now use a 3 word address to refer to their exact location and get help faster.

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It would seem that even in the USA, emergency services could use this.

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INSPIRATIONAL: Gooferment Skrules need to be replaced

Ep. 1043 Spontaneous Order or Lord of the Flies?
An Inside Look at a School That Puts Students in Charge
21st November 2017 Tom Woods

A promotional video about this school sparked a heated debate among listeners in my private Facebook group. The video describes the school as having no classrooms, tests, or homework, in which the students direct and evaluate themselves, etc. Is this a natural model for libertarians, or is it just plain silly? I talk to a staff member and a student at the school in today’s episode.

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I bet I would have done well in a school like this. 

“Institutional prisons” replaced by a different meme!

Remember that the “Prussian model” for education was to create cannon fodder for the Army, willing morons for the factories, and useful idiots to vote for and be led by the elite. Remember that the “elite” cite NEVER sent their children to the “public school”.


Great idea.

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POLITICAL: Obama-care aka SCOTUS-care aka Politicized Health Care KILLS!!!


ObamaCare’s Death Payments
A program to reduce hospital admissions may have led to more deaths.

By The Editorial Board
Nov. 23, 2017 2:30 p.m. ET

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ObamaCare has caused hard-to-quantify economic damage, but some of the law’s regulations may be lethal—literally. Consider a Medicare hospital payment initiative, which a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association Cardiology suggests may have contributed to an increase in deaths.

Readers are likely familiar with ObamaCare’s mandate and subsidies to impel individuals to obtain health insurance. But the law also included monetary incentives and penalties aimed at inducing changes in health-care delivery and spending reductions. The government rolled out these payment models nationally without careful study, and they are having unintended side effects.

A case in point is the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, which penalizes hospitals with above-average readmissions for Medicare patients. Readmissions are expensive, and the goal of the penalties is to encourage providers to take measures that reduce repeat hospitalizations—for instance, providing patients with clearer discharge instructions and coordinating with primary-care physicians.

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Hospitals with above-average readmissions are also more likely to care for low-income patients and deal with complicated medical cases. They are usually financially strapped due to low Medicaid reimbursements, and the ObamaCare penalties may make it even harder to deliver quality care.

ObamaCare effectively enrolled Medicare patients and hospitals without their consent in a mandatory policy experiment—you’ll be better off, trust us—but then neglected to evaluate the adverse effects. A drug trial with the same results would have been shut down long ago.

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Why do we let politicians and bureaucrats dabble in “health”, “health care”, “health care insurance”, or something else?

It’s all about control of people and resources.

Let’s go back to a free market.

Surely the public and the poor will be better served.

Greed is good; except when the consumer is not in control.


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RANT: DVR’s TV guide doesn’t adjust for NFL over runs timewise


Sorry FIOS but you need to up your game. 

More than once this “season”, an NFL game over ran it’s TV Guide time slot. 

Now I don’t care about 60 MINUTES which has long ago jumped the shark, but I do care about WISDOM OF CROWDS endings being lost.


As a fat old white guy retired injineer who’s a poor old senior citizen on a fixed income, this seems like an easy fix. 

Hire me and I’ll fix it for you.


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INTERESTING: “Everyone Turned A Blind Eye”

Woman Reveals How Everyone Turned A Blind Eye To What Her Stepfather Was Doing
6 hours ago by James Gould-Bourn 

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In the wake of the horrific mass shooting that left 26 people dead in Sutherland Springs, Texas recently, writer Katherine Fugate decided to share her own story.“It starts somewhere. It starts in the home. I know what a mass shooter can look like.

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A stunning indictment of deliberate ignorance.

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LIBERTY: Is “liberaltarian” just a new name for socialist?

The New Progressives By David Gordon November 18, 2017

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Brink Lindsey self-identifies as a libertarian; and Steven Teles is a modern liberal. They have together devised a new “liberaltarian” outlook. (The word combines elements of “libertarian” and “egalitarian”) It is a new name for an old way of thinking, and students of the Progressives will find little to surprise them.

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Certainly seems so.

The key principle of little L libertarians is the “non aggression principle”

I first heard the easiest explanation of it by Jason Stapleton when he quoted a book title “Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff”.

I’m not the arbiter of who’s a “libertarian” and who’s not, but it’s hard to see “Brink Lindsey” as a “libertarian”, regardless of how he self-identifies.

Small limited government is the very least degree of liberatianism as I know it.

The welfare / warfare state as we currently have is not by any stretch of the imagination “libertarian”.

And “progressivism” is merely code for socialism, imho

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