POLITICAL: Is there any “justice” in the USA?


The Clintons’ Day of Reckoning By Bionic Mosquito November 18, 2017

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When the Harvey Weinstein story broke about a month ago, I offered that the reason for such a story to break now – after decades of such behavior – might have something to do with the democrats getting tired of telling Hillary to go away.

Well, the train is leaving the station:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Thursday went to a place that few Democrats have dared or cared to go when it comes to allegations of sexual assault: Calling out Bill Clinton.

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Is this the first brick to fall in the Clinton “firewall”?

Seems like all the current sexual predators with the label “D” are all connected to Bill Clinton.

Perhaps one way the D’s rid themselves of the perpetual HRC candidacy is to condemn WJC?

When HRC is no longer the icon of the D’s, then does the USA get a deep dive into all the HRC accusations?

One can only hope.

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