PRODUCTIVITY: Doing the “Ben Franklin”!

… look for “evidence”. Not “emotion”.

Everyone needs a “Devil’s Advocate”?

I have two hats. One says “mets” and the other “yankees”. The “yankees” (“my” team of millionaires playing for grazillionaire George) are the pro. The mets con.

Put on your yankee hat and make every possible argument in favor. Everyone.

Put on your mets hat and make every argument against. Even all the tears caused.

Then, do a Ben Franklin. That is stoke out equivalents. “Bathes regularly” balances “forgets wallet”. “kind to his mom” balances “my parents hate him”.

See what is left.

I’ll bet on the Mets in your specific case.



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An old old email to a  youngfriend trying to pick a future mate. 

I don’t know if she used my “methodology”, but she’s still single.

(ALL the young men are crazy not to “ring” her, imho.)


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PRODUCTIVITY: Overcoming constraints

Click to access 34.02.Romans.pdf

What the Romans Didn’t Know: Overcoming Personal Constraints to Achieve Higher Performance and Fulfillment By Flip Flippen

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Do you really think Tiger Woods logs practice hours just to maintain what comes easiest to him? Flip Flippen argues that it’s your weaknesses hold you back from achieving your personal best. Here, he provides a method to identifying your weaknesses and eliminating them.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Email overload

Click to access 34.04.LowInfo.pdf

The Low-Information Diet: How to Eliminate E-Mail Overload and Improve Productivity By Tim Ferriss

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It’s Monday morning and your To-Do list for the day is lengthy. You turn on your computer, log into your inbox, and…spend the next six hours starting, stopping and backtracking, your To-Do list untouched. Tim Ferriss offers immediate solutions to improve your productivity and quiet the constant information interference.

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RANT: Kvetch from long ago and far away

Sorry to say, I haven’t written this. It was of interest to me at the disinterest in my power problems by employees of the various companies to who I turned to for help. (I was paying and not asking for charity.) Special excoriation for Dell, Sams Club, WalMark, OfficeDepot, Staples, the two 24 hour laptop repair firms in Vegas, and the pawn shop (it advertised computers, but had none). The only bright spot was Brookstones. Their EWR employee sold me something he thought would work (it didn’t) but correctly told me of their return policy. Their LAS employee accepted the return with no problem and showed me what I should have been sold. She made an interesting observation that the if the EWR site didn’t have the CORRECT one, he could have checked with the LAS site and they would have had it for me when I arrived. I intended to compliment them on that idea. The young women in Vegas is a gem. Sigh, now I have to try to make the midnight deadline for Jasper Jottings.

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I found this on my old phone. I don’t know when I wrote it, but I thought it was worth sharing.

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PRODUCTIVITY: People don’t read

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With Books Falling From the Sky: A Discourse on Literacy By Roxanne Coady

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49% percent of the adult population of the United States reads below a sixth-grade level and has difficulty navigating such common demands as reading job applications, ATM screens, and outpatient care instructions. In this evocative manifesto, Roxanne Coady, calls for change and suggests how you can improve the lives of others through promoting literacy in your community.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Just a little further

Click to access 34.01.TheDip.pdf

Pushing Past the Dip: How to Become the Best in the World By Seth Godin

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The long, tough slog through mediocre-ville. To be the best, Seth Godin explains, you must concentrate your effort, push a little harder, commit a few more resources and leave mediocre to those willing to be average.

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VETERANS: Vet disability letters

SHOCK REPORT — Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms
Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, February 22, 2013, 6:11 AM

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So is this a condition if them getting military disability?

Or, if they are not on disability, is this a de facto admission that they are disabled?

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LESSONS LEARNED: Sending stuff by priority mail

  • Since at crunch times, like Christmas, the mailers “disappear” no matter how hard the Postal Workers try to keep them stocked. So keep a few of those mailers in your car for when they are needed.
  • You can use the PO kiosk with a credit card. Sometimes these are available when the windows are closed.
  • After seeing some PO disasters, I have been putting my contents inside a zip lock bag with the addressing information where I hope it’s supposed to wind up.
  • The PO uses automatic scanning  the zip code. If you are going to put phone numbers in the address, which I’ve been told is a good idea, then you need to put it under the name, but before the address. 

    For example:

        John Q. Public
        (212) 555-1212
        123 Anystreet Place
        Anywhere XX 01010-1234

  • When you get the receipt, confirm the tracking number asap. Then, alert the recipient with the link. Ask for them to confirm they received it. But you’ll still have to check. (I had to tell one person to look outside their front door!)
  • Check the “to” and “from”. (I’ve more that once reversed that. DUH!) Might also help to verify the addresses, I’ve sent stuff to the old address by accident and by my own stupidity.
  • It’s also useful to print the from/to info then put it on the Priority Address label covering it with clear tape. Then all you have to do is put the self-adhesive Priority Address label on the envelope or box. Works nicely.

Feel free to add your own observations.

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