VETERANS: Why can’t a vet start his own waiting list site?

The VA’s Secret Hospital Rankings
Thursday December 15th, 2016   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 7:28am PST  

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The most disturbing part of the story, however, was a revelation about the VA hospitals most closely associated with its secret waitlist scandal. (Bear in mind that veterans seeking medical treatment at those facilities were placed on secret lists that hid how long they were waiting to receive treatment, while VA administrators and supervisors used the VA’s official waiting lists to claim bonuses for meeting the VA’s goals for providing speedy service.) 

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After more than two years of President Obama’s feckless and ineffective management of the veterans health care rationing scandal and his failure to see through needed reforms, the VA is in desperate need of real reform and a management turnaround, starting with major changes in the VA’s leadership throughout its bureaucracy.

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It would seem easy for a vet to start a blog and their comrades can report their actual waiting times?

That would create a counter weight to falsified stats!


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