Trump Chooses Defense Chief With Professional Success, Divergent Views

Great pick. Glad they disagree. When they butt heads, we will benefit. And the weenies college professors will have to make a good argument before we send the girls and boys in harm’s way on a silly adventure!

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VETERANS: Remember Pearl Harbor?

A sad day in the USA’s history. Caused by the treachery of FDR. A lot of death, dismemberments, and disruptions. Caused the Baby Boom and all its associated problems. Disrupted families for decades to come. I feel that it changed my life and my attitude towards life at a very very young age. It certainly changed the USA by empowering Big Gooferment. And, it all could have been avoid if the various leaders were less egotistical and manipulative. 

Requiescat In Pacem to the people that died there on that day.

A special place in Hell for the politicians and bureaucrats.

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