POLITICAL: Bread and circuses

Forwarded by an “Old”, who I suspect cut ’n’ pasted from some inet email spam. (There were format breaks in the text.)

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I don’t know who the Chief’swere playing, but it would have beengreat if it had been the 49 ers- and C. Kaeperknick had been on thefield. 

you know, Obama cuts have eliminated the military flyovers at largeevents.  Well, there’s a group of guys in Kansas City who dosome formation flying, in their own planes, and decided they’dvolunteer to pick up the slack.  They invited a couple of othergroups to join them and before they knew it they had 48 guys withtheir own  airplanes signing up to join in.  If they hadmore time, they probably would have gotten an even larger group aspeople kept joining and a 49th was added near the event. 

additional feature of the flyover was the use of pink smoke forcancer awareness. 

folks from the Guinness Book were there and are expected to confirmit as the largest formation flight ever.  And to top it off thecrowd later set the record for the loudest gathering at a footballstadium.  Be sure your speakers are turned up… best if watchat ‘full screen. 

CLICK Arrowhead Stadium,49 plane flyover – YouTube

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K — I don’t use his name; he’s not worth learning to spell it — is merely exercising his rights and getting PR points with the illiterates. (imho) I’d prefer to ignore him and let him fade away into obscurity.

After we found that the Gooferment was paying the NFL to “honor the troops”, I became hostile to these displays. Not that I am anti-American or don’t want the troops home, but it’s pro-war propaganda worthy of Goebbels’ Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda!!!! (I feel strongly about that one.)

I have great respect for the voluntary flyover since that represents authentic American patriotism. Untainted by Big Gooferment propaganda.

Pink smoke to fight cancer just makes me think of the FDA and regulatory capture by Big Pharma. When the March of Dime focused on polio, the American public rallied and it was done. Voluntarily. Of course, all those high paid execs couldn’t be out of a job, so they moved on to an amorphous enemy — birth defects. And the gravy train continued.  

Sorry to rain on your parade but I am Cynic in the tradition of Diogenes and I insist on looking behind the curtain. Or maybe a Stoic like Marcus Aurelius, who recognized that the problems always are inside of man. 


Thanks for great blog post fodder.

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