RANT: Fixing air travel

From WSJ 10 points 2016-Dec-08:

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Into Thin Air Stop focusing on legroom. It’s the headroom that is shrinking on flights, and making us feel really uncomfortable. Seat density has increased significantly the last couple of years. One passenger’s nose may be 3 inches closer to the back of the head in front of her. The skinny seats installed recently largely preserve knee and legroom, but in rows that are compressed, while installing skinny bathrooms and minimizing galleys have let airlines pack more rows in, too. Psychologists say the eye-level squeeze is a big reason travelers are feeling more anxious on densely packed planes. And it’s only going to get tighter in there.

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My answer to this and the TSA is to stop flying. (I did it three times in the last decade because “I had too”. Argh! And I didn’t like it.)

I more folks do it: (a) the airlines will change; and (b) the airlines being the Crony Capitalists they are, will change the Gooferment policies.

Come on folks vote with your wallet.

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