WSJ: Repeal the Jones Act

Friday, October 13, 2017


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The better solution is for Mr. Trump to waive the Jones Act for Puerto Rico for at least a year, and then throw his weight behind a Congressional repeal of the law. Otherwise, he’s rewarding the swamp of shipping special interests at the expense of Puerto Ricans and U.S. taxpayers.

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Under the heading of “never waste a good crisis”, “we”, little L libertarians, should take the opportunity to repeal one of the “payoffs” to Crony Capitalists.

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WSJ: Is Weinstein’s movie flops the reason his conduct now becomes public?

Monday, October 9, 2017


Grossed Out 

The Weinstein Co. board of directors fired co-chairman Harvey Weinstein from the independent movie and television studio on Sunday, citing allegations of sexual misconduct. In multiple conversations over the past few days, board members expressed fury not just about revelations of Mr. Weinstein’s financial settlements with women who accused him of sexual harassment, but also the high-profile producer’s public attempts to defend himself. The allegations have cast doubt on film and television projects in the company’s pipeline, and left Hollywood wondering about its future. Several top Democrats have sought to distance themselves from Mr. Weinstein, including by making charitable donations to offset his past political contributions to them. And much of Hollywood—rarely shy on matters of women’s empowerment—has been conspicuously silent about Mr. Weinstein’s apparent behavior.

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And I am sure that his “losing streak” profitable movie-wise, has nothing to do with the unacceptability of his alleged conduct?

Hollywood “celebrities” are two faced idiots, who have equated their success with “expertise” in all manner of topics, and “We, The Sheeple” listen to their “barbara streisand”. 


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Las Vegas shooting: What will happen to the shooter’s suite at Mandalay Bay?

Friday, October 6, 2017

So sad.

WSJ: Think tank trashes GOP reform without evidence

Monday, October 2, 2017

2017-Oct-02 1216 


Tax Policy Center Propaganda
The media’s go-to think tank trashes GOP reform without evidence.
By The Editorial Board
Oct. 1, 2017 4:26 p.m. ET

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Republicans face an uphill battle on tax reform, not least because opponents are willing to invent evidence to stop it. Take Friday’s Tax Policy Center report claiming to be clairvoyant about details of the Republican reform “framework” that haven’t been proposed.

The Tax Policy Center is a joint project of the left-leaning Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute that the media routinely labels “nonpartisan.” Its record of hostility to any GOP tax reform that cuts tax rates shows the opposite. And the latest evidence of bias is its willingness to jump to conclusions about the GOP plan before crucial details are known.

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I “love” how the Leftists can “invent” evidence for the stuff that they oppose.


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WSJ: Multitasking?

Thursday, September 28, 2017


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From Workout to Takeout Pick up takeout for dinner, or hit the gym? Now you may not have to choose. Meal-delivery services are finding a new market in time-strapped people seeking healthy, preservative-free breakfasts, lunches and dinners, often packed in a single plastic container. To minimize delivery costs, many are dropping the meals off in a place that customers frequent: the gym. Some meals are vegan or vegetarian, or comply with low-carb plans such as the Paleo diet or Whole 30. “If they leave our club and they go through a drive-through and eat unhealthy food, they’re just spinning their wheels,” says the general manager of one gym.

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How pressed for time are some people?

Maybe they can eat WHILE they are ON the treadmill?


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WSJ: How SHOULD it be construed?

Monday, September 25, 2017



“The absence of our team for the national anthem shouldn’t be misconstrued as unpatriotic.”

A statement from the Tennessee Titans on the team’s not taking the field at all for the national anthem. Players around the NFL demonstrated before games Sunday as part of an escalating feud between President Trump and the professional sports world.

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I’m sorry how SHOULD it be construed?

I thought this was a violation of the NFL rules and contractual arrangements?


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SERVICE: Mercedes supports What3Words

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dear Ferdinand,

It has been another epic month at what3words, and I’m delighted to announce that Mercedes-Benz will be the first car manufacturer to support 3 word addresses in their vehicles.

what3words will be built into their next generation infotainment system, launching early next year.

Drivers will be able to get into a new Mercedes-Benz, say a 3 word address, such as “alive caveman bends” and it will navigate them to that precise 3 metre square on the Trollstigen in Norway.

“This Could Be Mercedes’ Next Step Toward a Self-Driving Benz” – Fortune

“Best new in-car tech: 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show” – AutoTrader

“Stunning New System Used By Mercedes” – Forbes

Click here to read more and watch the film.

In other news this month, we received further recognition of our work at Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards and spoke at Helsinki Design Week alongside world-renowned architect and designer David Adjaye.

We discussed the difficulties of the UK postcode system with BBC News, and how what3words is now being used by some of London’s emergency services. And 3 word addresses are helping to coordinate rescue teams following the earthquakes in Mexico City.

You can read all about these and more on our site.


A great idea that would make life easier globally.


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