LESSONS LEARNED: Sending stuff by priority mail

  • Since at crunch times, like Christmas, the mailers “disappear” no matter how hard the Postal Workers try to keep them stocked. So keep a few of those mailers in your car for when they are needed.
  • You can use the PO kiosk with a credit card. Sometimes these are available when the windows are closed.
  • After seeing some PO disasters, I have been putting my contents inside a zip lock bag with the addressing information where I hope it’s supposed to wind up.
  • The PO uses automatic scanning  the zip code. If you are going to put phone numbers in the address, which I’ve been told is a good idea, then you need to put it under the name, but before the address. 

    For example:

        John Q. Public
        (212) 555-1212
        123 Anystreet Place
        Anywhere XX 01010-1234

  • When you get the receipt, confirm the tracking number asap. Then, alert the recipient with the link. Ask for them to confirm they received it. But you’ll still have to check. (I had to tell one person to look outside their front door!)
  • Check the “to” and “from”. (I’ve more that once reversed that. DUH!) Might also help to verify the addresses, I’ve sent stuff to the old address by accident and by my own stupidity.
  • It’s also useful to print the from/to info then put it on the Priority Address label covering it with clear tape. Then all you have to do is put the self-adhesive Priority Address label on the envelope or box. Works nicely.

Feel free to add your own observations.

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