PRODUCTIVITY: Doing the “Ben Franklin”!

… look for “evidence”. Not “emotion”.

Everyone needs a “Devil’s Advocate”?

I have two hats. One says “mets” and the other “yankees”. The “yankees” (“my” team of millionaires playing for grazillionaire George) are the pro. The mets con.

Put on your yankee hat and make every possible argument in favor. Everyone.

Put on your mets hat and make every argument against. Even all the tears caused.

Then, do a Ben Franklin. That is stoke out equivalents. “Bathes regularly” balances “forgets wallet”. “kind to his mom” balances “my parents hate him”.

See what is left.

I’ll bet on the Mets in your specific case.



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An old old email to a  youngfriend trying to pick a future mate. 

I don’t know if she used my “methodology”, but she’s still single.

(ALL the young men are crazy not to “ring” her, imho.)


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