TINFOILHAT: A reason why JFK was killed


Mac Bundy Said He Was ‘All Wrong’
by William Pfaff, May 28, 2010

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Goldstein quotes tapes made of Kennedy’s meetings with Bundy, McNamara, and his military adviser, Maxwell Taylor, on October 2, 1963. McNamara and Taylor were just back from Vietnam. They recommended that 1,000 of the 16,000 US military advisers be withdrawn in the following two months, with most of the rest removed by the end of 1965. Bundy asks why. McNamara says, “We need a way to get out of Vietnam. This is a way of doing it.” Bundy disagrees. Kennedy agrees and gives the orders.

Forty-seven days later Lyndon Johnson was president. In July 1964 the South Vietnamese began clandestine operations against the North. These led the following month to the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Lyndon Johnson authorized bombing North Vietnam. The US had entered the war. Bundy had prevailed.

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TFH! Here’s another reason why the CIA had to do away with him.

We are led by ordinary men exerting tremendous force upon others. And, that’s the fatal flaw in all Gooferment action. It’s rooted in the idea that some one can actually FORCE you to do something. Ever seen a kid being “forced” to eat a plate of unpleasant vegetables? Creative excuses, dawdling, “accidents”, rearranging, and finally even outright insubordination. Now if a little kid can do that, then imagine what an adult can come up with. Sugaring gas tanks, deliberate sabotage, and deliberate delays are the overt acts. Poor attendance, inattention, and attitude are the not so overt. Demoralized workers turned to alcohol in the old Soviet Union.

We can’t make progress until we get back to a “force free” civil society!

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