GOVERNACIDE: 1 US Soldier Killed

Wednesday: 40 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed; 64 Iraqis Wounded
by Margaret Griffis, July 21, 2010
Updated at 8:24 p.m. EDT, July 21, 2010

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At least 40 Iraqis were killed 64 more were wounded in various attacks across the country. The worst violence collapsed a building in Diyala province, which has suffered several attacks in the last few days. A U.S. soldier was also killed in Diyala when a roadside bomb blated his vehicle.

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Pisses me off that this doesn’t get more publicity!

Wake up, Sheeple, we need these boys and girls home. Now!

Ron Paul WAS the only true anti-war candidate with a plan (i.e., cut and run). We’ve made a very bad mistake. Let’s recognize it and staunch the bleeding. Sorry to our friends and allies. Apologies to our enemies. Time to retreat. Discretion is the best form of valor.

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