GOVEROTRAGEOUS: How do We, The People treat our vets

VA acts fast when it feels the need
By Bruce Coulter
GateHouse News Service
Posted Jul 07, 2010 @ 11:47 AM

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“Currently, the VA considers any reimbursement that compensates a veteran for his or her expenses due to accidents, theft or loss as income. Only reimbursements of expenses related to casualty loss are currently exempted from determination of income,” he wrote.

Under current law, if a veteran is injured in an accident or victimized by a theft and receives compensation to cover medical expenses, replacement cost of the items stolen, or for pain and suffering, he or she is subject to losing their pension.

“This means that the law effectively punishes veterans when they suffer from such an accident or theft,” Hastings said.

Despite the efforts of the veteran and Hastings, the VA has refused to reinstate the veteran’s pension.

To prevent a repeat of the VA’s idiocy (my words, not the congressman’s), Hastings introduced The Pension Protection Act of 2010, H.R. 4541 on Jan. 27. The bill would prohibit the VA from counting casualty windfall payments as income for the purposes of determining eligibility for the non-service connected pension benefit.

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Still haven’t heard anyone name a Gooferment that works (i.e., effectively accomplishes its mission, efficiently use the resources given it to accomplish an outstanding result, and cost-effectively at a cost that the folks can afford). We’ll leave aside the morality of stealing people’s wealth to do stuff that they didn’t agree to fund, don’t agree with, or don’t want to have anything to do with. Some “Land of the Free”. Free as long as you do what the plantation owners in the District of Corruption want you to do.


Regardless about how you feel about any of the wars, these vets believed our sacred pledge. And, this is how we allow it to be redeemed in our name?

Argh squared!!

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