SERVICE: LEGACY send out notifications after expirations

>legacy sends notice of page going down AFTER it’s down


And, of course, the conflicted message: “email us” just not by replying!

Great IT architecture change. I guess the purpose is to generate revenue by forcing people to sponsor guestbooks. If the guestbook was reasonably priced, then they might have a change. But in this case, they are “grave robbers” trying to increase their bottom line

This accentuates the need for micropayments. Imagine that reading an obit cost a penny, or some fraction there of. WIth 300M people, let’s say 10% read the obits. (Probably higher!) That 30M times 1¢ of a Million Bucks! That would more than pay for the site. Plus ads. Plus all the other stuff they sell.

It probably has to be Visa or Amex to do it. It’s got to have strong cryptology, and audit ability. But it could be a real winner for some credit card company.

It could be tied into single use credit card numbers that also would need strong cryptology and account ability.

Wonder when someone other than a fat old white guy injineer will realize it?

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