RANT: We have some “yahoos” here?

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I was encouraged to learn that former President Jimmy Carter had decided to sever ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, after a lifetime in that denomination, because of its position that Eve was responsible for original sin, that wives must be subservient to their husbands, and that women were prohibited from serving as deacons, pastors, or chaplains in the military service. This is indeed an abomination and must be challenged at every opportunity. Bravo to Jimmy Carter for having the courage to speak the truth in love.

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I’m thankful that the rest of the world keeps their women down. As one radio host used to say “with one hand tied behind my back”, these Yahoos manage to deprive themselves of a whole lot of human resource. Good for us! Then I read that we still have some of the same Yahoos here in country.


How dumb?

Carrying a grudge from the beginning of time. Based on a book of unknown veracity. About a time when time began.

Reminds me of the movie about the primitive worshipping a Coke Bottle that fell out of a plane.

Makes as much sense.

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One thought on “RANT: We have some “yahoos” here?

  1. So much to set straight here that I just had to respond.

    Regarding the original article:
    — I don’t know if the writer has ever been a Southern Baptist, I suspect not since he is ignorant of what they believe. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has no such ‘position’ that since Eve sinned first and also enabled Adam to sin, that wives must be ‘subservient to their husbands.’ Baptists follow what Scripture teaches in Ephesians 5:22-33, where the marriage relationship is described as being designed by God to be symbolic of the spiritual relationship between Christ and the Church.
    –Baptists follow the Bible’s teaching that ‘overseers’ of a church should be a man. Women serve in many other ministerial positions in a Baptist church, it’s only the overseer that should be a man.
    –Is the writer implying that Jimmy Carter is not a Christian? Or the writer not one? Since his argument goes against the teachings of the Bible! The whole Bible is about Christ … if you believe that Christ is the true Son of God, then it follows that you would believe the Bible as well. It’s his book!

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