RANT: Restraining orders don’t


Man at center of murder-suicide had years of money problems
By Matthew McGrath • TOMS RIVER BUREAU • August 14, 2009

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TOMS RIVER — The muscle-bound man accused of throttling his ex-fiancee before hanging himself Thursday had a several-year history of money problems.

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Her apparent killer, Frank Frisco Jr., 36, was found dead shortly after, hanging in a detached garage of her Lafayette Avenue home that was in foreclosure. She had been staying elsewhere with friends since obtaining a restraining order against Frisco, and was scared to death of him, friends said.

*** and ***

Although someone posted bail for the theft, bad checks and restraining order charges, the court ordered him held on outstanding child support of $25,870.36, officials said. The court then released him Wednesday without the payment. On Wednesday at 5:10 p.m., Zindell learned he was being released, authorities said.

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I happen to know some one who knows this girl and the guy.

That just makes it more upsetting.

What judge let the fellow out without the 25K?

Restraining orders don’t restrain squat! GIve the girl a gun and warn the guy if he gets shot no charges will be filed.


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