POLITICAL: Socialism kills; Freedom is liberating


Had time to watch the other three parts, and I think he NAILED it! It got all his points in and, other than a few umms and ahhs, I think he did very well. Especially where he talked about the softer form of fascism. Corporatism, lobbying the government, and the regulator – regulated embrace, he was spot on. After that performance, I’m even more enthused with his chances. Nobody else talks like this directly to the American people.

Cut the government to Clinton levels and there is NO need for the income tax. FBI shouldn’t be enforcing Federal law on citizens. CIA is totally unconstitutional. They are in effect private armies that the Dead Old White Guys would have recognized as oppressive.

The People in the Sovereign State of Kalifornia passed medical mj. The feds (dea, fbi, and irs) raid the clinics — steal the drugs and money — and charge NO ONE! Why is that? To keep from getting slapped down in court.The Drug War is joke. All the “wars” are similar jokes.

When the People wake up, and hopefully they will before it’s too late, this will end by jury nullification, just like Prohibition.


Socialism kills; Freedom is liberating.

“I know not what course others may take …”

Someday, you’ll remember this election as a watershed election. Hopefully, you’ll be in my vision of America! I don’t like being in yours.

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