TECHNOLOGY: Send Very Large Files Across The Web

November 29, 2007
How To Send Very Large Files Across The Web: Eatlime Does It
Robin Good
Master New Media Association
via P. Giannone, 10 B5
Rome, Italy
Edited by: Luigi Canali De Rossi

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Eatlime Overview

Founded by Mohammad Al Adham and Adil Lalani, Eatlime is a new web-based (plus desktop version) file sharing and sending service utilizing some new key solutions and features. These are:

* Free sending and sharing of large files up to 1GB in size (for free registered users)

* Files to be shared can be sent by simply selecting them and pressing Ctrl-T

* Multiple files can be sent at once

* Receiving partners can start downloading files as soon as the sender starts uploading them

* Shared files are kept and archived inside each registered user profile

* No maximum limit of files that can be shared/ sent via Eatlime

* Track your shared file download links

* Import all of your email contacts directly from your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL contact lists

Registration is free but it is not required.

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Always can count on these folks finding great stuff.

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GUNS: A thug will graduate from burglary to murder when the opportunity presents itself!; so will the gooferment!

December 01, 2007
A Time to Kill?
By Bob Weir

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A quick check of the local emergency rooms turned up our severely lacerated fugitive. He looked like a patchwork quilt by the time they finished stitching his numerous wounds. One would think he’d have taken up another line of work. On the contrary, it was less than a year later that he graduated from burglary to murder when he came across an elderly woman living alone only a few blocks away from his life and death struggle with the Doberman.

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An excellent case for the “MY neighborhood is MY castle” doctrine.

While we don’t have the death penalty for burglary, we certainly have to take some lessons away from this article.

* We know from England that disarming the ordinary folks leads to violent home invasions.

* We know from NOLA that removing the ordinary folks from the city leaves only criminals — uniforms not withstanding — in charge.

* We know from that story in Phoenix where the gun toting citizen advanced an protected a fallen officer that an armed citizen is an extension of the police.

* We know from Florida that concealed carry does NOT turn everything into the OK corral!

* We know from that Texas legislator’s Luby Cafe experience that disarmed is asking to be slaughtered.

* We know from VATECH that the good wishes (I’d harshly call it a pipe dream) of bureaucrats can get you killed.

So, we ourselves are all that stand between “Law & Order” and “Robbery, Rape, and Killing”.

So why do we let the Politican, Pundits, Komisars, Bureaucrats, and their Police Minions turn us into disarmed victims?

Remember Government = Genocide! It can’t happen without it.

And, “Gun Control” = “Victim Disarmament”!

The only ones who will “protect and serve” in our defense is us, and like minded neighbors.

Don’t be fooled!

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RANT: Hey Governor Corzine … I see you haven’t learned any lessons about riding in speeding cars!

You don’t want to hear it? TOO BAD!

Last night, I was a the RU women’s game too. And, I too had to leave the game. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the police escort. Apparently that lets you drive up the wrong side of the road, passing me and all the rest of the serfs patiently waiting for their turn. I saw your escort bully people waiting for the traffic light and in “your majesty’s” way. (Guess it was too much trouble for the storm trooper operating the light to change it to give everyone the green going your way. And, I observed how carefully your team observed the speed limit as they raced off into the night. Seven SUV for one guy. That’s real green on you. And, how many people did your caravan endangers. It was icy out, but you could tell it, as your troupe raced off into the night.

Sorry, but even apolitical Frau Reinke was disgusted with the obvious show of the Imperial Powers.

You best be concerned with your image for when the revolution comes. As it will. Remember the patron saint of all the “better class” of people, Marie “Let Them Eat Cake” Antoinette. Remember what happened to the French Aristocracy when they missed the memo about “all men are created equal”.


P.S.: Dear reader, I don’t write these every day. Just when I ARRIVE early for work, particularly agitated aggravated and have to wait for my employer workstation to get online.

MONEY: Money is merely a tool; it’s not “wealth”

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Let’s ask ourselves: why would this make anyone optimistic? Let’s say that you are playing the game Monopoly and one player proposes to double the money stock for everyone. The problem would be obvious to everyone. If the prices on the board could change, they would double. Since they can’t, the game will only last twice as long as before. Meanwhile, players would become more reckless with their investments in houses and hotels. It wouldn’t really make the players more wealthy; it would only create an illusion that would be temporary.

The analogy isn’t exact, but the point should be clear. Paper money is not the same thing as wealth. Wealth comes from trade, investment, and capital accumulation. Money is merely a tool that facilitates the creation of wealth; it is not identical to it.

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The essence of an advanced course in Economics. If Americans ever re learned that one fact, then the pundits, politicians, komisars, and bureaucrats would be all “out of business”. They couldn’t scam us any more.

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INTERESTING: after Stalin, what they did still terrifies her

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Through an interpreter, I asked Darina if she had any memory of Stalin. And this kindly proud old lady who has toughed through everything that humanity (The Nazis came through the Ukraine on their way to Stalingrad) and Mother Nature can throw at a person and survived it, became visibly frightened and started to shake. So many years after Stalin and the Soviets left the stage, what they did still terrifies her. She was unable to speak about it.

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What scares the … out of a little old lady?

The thought of a gooferment genocide, what it has cost her, and what it still might do to her.

Wow, that is pretty powerful reporting. We should take heed.

It CAN happen here (i.e., Japanese Interment; the American Indian; Southern Lynchings, Waco)!

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