TECH SOFTWARE: KompoZer web editor


KompoZer Portable 0.7.10 Revision 2 Released
Submitted by John T. Haller on December 5, 2007 – 6:35pm.

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KompoZer logoKompoZer Portable 0.7.10 Revision 2 has been released. It’s the popular KompoZer web editor bundled with a launcher as a portable app, so you can edit websites on the go. This new release fixes a small bug that would cause a single file to be left behind on certain PCs. In addition to the full install package, there is a small upgrade package that will upgrade an existing 0.7.10 install. It’s packaged in Format for easy integration with the Suite. And it’s open source and completely free.

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RANT: “No, Herr Himler, I think it’s your turn to go first!”


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I’m doing it for the children!

Do you want them to grow up “socialists”? Or, as the Dead Old White Guys intended strong, free, and brave?

We are spending them into oblivion.

Think after the fall of the various empires throughout history. Pax Americana is ending. Ugly, hard, and in an ocean of debt!

When your sitting your rocking chair (I sure hope you can afford one.) I want you to be able to tell all the grandkids about this loon of a uncle who saved them from poverty by a few hundred dollars to the Great President Ron Paul, who made America a great nation again.

The alternative is Zimbabwe like inflation, internal strife like the Tutsi (we’re all members of some minority or another), or an oppressive regime like Cuba or North Korea. Like turning a great ocean liner, it takes that steering rudder which turns the main rudder causing the whole ship to turn.

This is truly a watershed election.

You’ve got a choice in this election. It’s stark — one Texas obgyn who painted as a loon or any one of 19 stuffed shirts all saying basically the same thing “socialism”. My crystal ball is cloudy. But, I know, from the history of the Plymouth colony — Russia — North Korea — Cuba, that socialism doesn’t work and it eventually devolves into gooferment killing citizens. It even happens here.

Gooferment impoverishes the people when it debases the currency. And, no amount of lipstick on this pig is going to make it look any better.

Adjusting my tin foil hat, checking the beans ‘n’ beer supply, and cleaning my “urban yutes discouragement devices”,

p.s., Imagine how short the Nazi genocide would have been if every minority family had a gun? I can hear the conversation now “No, Herr Himler, I think it’s your turn to go first!”. :-)

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The Second Amendment ensure that you have all the others!

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MONEY: Economic Recession 2008

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Economic Recession 2008: Scoble’s Advice The Only Way To Go?
By Robin Good on Independent Publishing
I loveRobert Scoble mostly because he is a very positive, optimistic and friendly person
CounterPoint to: Surviving the 2008 Recession
by Robert Scoble and Robin Good
1. Get some income from overseas.
2. Cut expenses.
3. Lock down clients into longer-term contracts.
4. Ensure you’re seen as valuable at work. Do an honest assessment.
5. Network more than usual. You might get laid off
6. Watch the job listings.
7. Dust off your blog.
8. Start a company.
9. Move to a bigger company
10. If you are in a big company, join a group that isn’t going to get cut.
11. If you’re in a small company, get real friendly with two groups
12. Look at your stock portfolio and make smart moves.
13. Try to get into hot new markets. Russia, for instance
14. ComputerWeekly is recommending CIOs get two budgets together
15. Work the basics: build a cash reserve; manage inventory; renegotiate your lease; reward loyal customers;
16. See where you stand in the story line.
17. Write a blog about how to brilliantly sail through a recession.
18. Clean up your balance sheet.
19. Keep your ear to the ground,

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Batten down the hatches!

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RANT: Andy Pettitte used human growth hormone

Pettitte Admits Using HGH During 2002
Sat Dec 15, 2007 5:17 PM EST

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NEW YORK — Andy Pettitte used human growth hormone to recover from an elbow injury in 2002, the New York Yankees pitcher admitted two days after he was cited in the Mitchell Report.

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Who cares what other people put in their body? Only the “drug police”, who think that they can somehow stop it. Didn’t work in Prohibition; won’t work now.

You’ve got millionaires playing for billionaires and I’m supposed to care about it in some way? Like any “sports team” creates a granfalloon that I am supposed to align with. It’s entertainment. And, when they cease to be entertaining, we’ll find something else. They are men playing a game. Not “superstars”. Unless they use their status for something “good”, we don’t know them.

That’s why imho the whole story has been greeted with a giant yawn. We the people have more important things to do. Like making a living. Like getting through the daily grind. Like being authentic. There’s no “drug” that helps with that.

Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!