LUGGABLE: VWBBIE is giving me more trouble

Again, trying to use Verizon Wireless Broad Band VWBBIE is balky at best today.

For those who saw my problems last week when it was rainy and foggy, today is clear and cloudless.

So, I think this may be the end for VWBBIE! No sense spending good money for a productivity tool and have it hinder productivity.

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PRODUCTIVITY: TEXTER substitutes text for me. ONLY one gripe

***Begin Quote***

Windows only: Text substitution app Texter saves you countless keystrokes by replacing abbreviations with commonly used phrases you define.

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But it “hides” it’s “bundles” (what it subs for you) for transport elsewhere and backup. You can find it. It’s just not obvious.


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TECH HARDWARE: BroadbandAccess service

***Begin Quote***

Dear Verizon Wireless Customer,

Thank you for contacting our Verizon Wireless website. We are sorry to learn that you are having difficulty with your BroadbandAccess service. We are happy to assist you with your question.

We apologize your BroadbandAccess connection is disconnecting and you are unable to pull up an IP address and you have spotty DNS resolution. We are currently not aware of any outages and you should be able to connect to the Internet. We have provided a guide to inputting the DNS on your computer.

Configuring Domain Name Server (DNS) addresses

Please be aware manually programming Domain Name Server (DNS) addresses is not a permanent solution to the issue you are experiencing. If this resolves the issue, please contact our Wireless Technical Support department at 1-800-922-0204 to escalate this issue so we can have a permanent solution.

Windows XP
1. Disconnect from the Internet.
2. Close any open applications.
3. From the Windows desktop, select Start > Programs (All Programs) > Accessories > Communications > Network Connections.
4. Right-click the appropriate network connection (e.g. NationalAccess / BroadbandAccess).
5. Click Properties.
6. Click the Networking tab.
7. Ensure that Type of dial-up server I am calling is set to PPP: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, Internet.
8. Ensure that Internet Protocol TCP/IP is checked, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then click Properties.
9. Ensure that Obtain an IP address automatically is selected.
10. Ensure that Use the following DNS server addresses is selected, enter the following DNS servers then click OK.
Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS :
11. Click OK .
12. Close the Network and Dial-up Connections window.

Windows Vista
1. Disconnect from the Internet.
2. Close any open applications.
3. From the Windows desktop, click Start > Connect to.
4. Right-click the appropriate network connection (e.g. NationalAccess / BroadbandAccess).
5. Click Properties.
6. Click the Networking tab.
7. Ensure that Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4 is checked, select Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4 then click Properties.
8. Ensure that Use the following DNS server addresses is selected, enter the following DNS servers then click OK.
Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS ;
9. Click OK .
10. Close the Connect to a network window.

If your connection is constantly dropping, then the first item to check is your signal strength indicator. Please make sure that you are receiving 2 bars or more of signal. If you are receiving less than 2 bars, then you may experience problems with the connection dropping due to a weak signal.

If you are getting a strong signal, but the connection is still dropping then there may be a network issue in your area; however, we need to ask you to perform some preliminary troubleshooting steps. This will not guarantee a consistent Internet connection but it should allow your connection to perform to its’ full potential.

The following factors can affect your connection:

* Structural Restrictions – For example, the inside of a building can limit the signal received from the tower. If you move near a window, you have a good chance of increasing your signal; however, this would depend on how many miles you are located from the nearest wireless tower.

* Network Service issues – You might be on the fringe of the network and this might cause you to lose connection. Please visit the link below to view the broadband coverage for your location.

* You may be using an old version of the VZAccess Manager. Please visit the link below, if your current version of VZAccess Manager is lower than the one listed on the site then uninstall VZAccess Manager and replace it with the one offered on the website.

You can verify you current version by following the steps below.

1. Launch VZAccess manager
2. Click on Help on top bar
3. Select About VZAccess.
4. This shows the VZAccess Manager Software version.

In order to insure the most up to date coverage area for your PC card, we recommend that you update your PC cards Preferred Roaming List (PRL) once per month. Please follow the steps below to run the VZAccess Manager Activation wizard on your computer to update your PC card’s PRL.

1. Launch VZ Access Manger
2. Select “Options”
3. Select “Activation”
4. Click “OK” when “Activation Successful” Message appears

* Your connection might have become corrupted. Please follow the steps below to delete and recreate the connection.
. Go to the Network connections on your Computer.
. Delete the Broadband/NationalAccess Connection.
. Safely eject the PC card.
. Restart your Computer.
1. Within the VZ Access Manager, select “Options”
2. Select “Run Wizard”
3. Select “Next”
4. Select “Detect WWAN device only”
5. Select “Next”
6. Select “Next”
7. Select “PC Card”
8. Select “Next”
9. Select “Next”
10. Once device is detected select “Yes”
11. Select “Next”
12. Enter the 10-digit cell number if not auto populated 13. Select “Next”
14. Select “Do not make copies of any of my dial-up accounts”
15. Select “Next”
16. Select “Next”
17. Select “Run VZ Access at startup if you want the software to load every time you start your PC, otherwise leave unchecked.
18. Select “Finish”

* Also, Venturi may be the cause of the problems you are experiencing. Venturi is compression software that installs along with VZ Access Manager. It is designed to improve the apparent speed of the connection using compression and normally works fine on most PCs but can have adverse affects under certain conditions.

Please follow the steps below to disable Venturi compression via the VZAccess Manager interface.

1. From the Windows desktop, locate and double-click on the VZAccess Manager icon 2. From the top menu, select “Tools”, then “Preferences…”
3. Click on the Venturi tab
4. Uncheck “Compress and accelerate WWAN connections” to disable Venturi compression 5. Click “OK”

If the performance improves after disabling Venturi, please follow the steps below to uninstall this program.
1. On your PC click “Start”
2. Click on “Control Panel” icon
3. Click on “Add and Remove Programs”
4. Locate Venturi and select “Change/Remove”
5. Follow Prompts to finish uninstall

If you are still unable to stay connected to the Internet, please contact the Wireless Data Technical Support department at your convenience. Our representatives are available 6 AM to 11 PM Central Standard Time, 7 days a week and may be reached by dialing: 1-800-922-0204 and selecting option number 3.

Speaking with you in person is the only way to ensure that we have investigated all possible factors that may contribute to the behavior you have described. Our support technicians will obtain the necessary information and then escalate to our next tier of technical support to ensure a timely resolution.

We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.


Verizon Wireless
Data Technical Support

If you have received this e-mail in error or are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately by replying to this e-mail and deleting it and all copies and backups thereof. If you are the intended recipient and are a Verizon Wireless customer, this response is subject to the terms of your Customer Agreement.

Original Message Follows:
I have spent the better part of two days playing with it. It is disconnecting for no apparent reason. Failing to pull an ip address. And, spotty dns resolution. Is it me or is there a general problem with the service?

***End Quote***

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TECH SOFTWARE:Toucan to sync, backup and secure files on your device

Toucan 1.2 Released
Submitted by Steve Lamerton on November 21, 2007 – 6:18pm.

***Begin Quote***

Toucan 1.2 has been released. Toucan is a tool for advanced users that allows you to sync, backup and secure files on your device. This new release includes a number of small improvements as well as AES encryption (read on for important details on decrypting existing encrypted files). It’s packaged in Format for easy use from any portable device and integration with the Suite. And it’s open source and completely free.

***End Quote***

And, free!

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RANT: speech at the Boston Tea Party celebration

Boston Tea Party Speech 12/16/07
Posted December 17th, 2007 by Jane Aitken

*** begin quote ***

Jim Forsythe PhD, Aerospace Engineer and former tanker pilot who flew missions to Bosnia and Kosovo gave this speech at the Boston Tea Party celebration for Ron Paul at Faneuil Hall, Boston today. Long live the “Second American Revolution” of 2008.


– Jane

*** end quote ***

I especially like the lines:

*** begin quote ***

For a strong defense, what we need is to protect our borders, not attempt to remake borders overseas. We need to pursue a non-interventionist foreign policy, with free trade and travel to engender the good will of the world. And when we are attacked we need to go after those that have attacked us, and only those that attacked us. What we need, is Ron Paul. In his ten terms he has consistently fought to protect our borders. He has consistently advocated a non-interventionist foreign policy and free trade. And he advocated directly targeting the terrorists, by voting to pursue them in Afghanistan. He also sponsored a bill to target the terrorist directly through constitutional means, but was ignored.

It has become abundantly clear to me that the revolution sparked by the Boston Tea Party was gradually abandoned over the last two centuries. Our non-interventionist foreign policy was abandoned by Wilson, who said we should “make the world safe for democracy,” leading to WW1. But the withering torch of freedom has once again been re-ignited. The revolution began at Lexington and Concord 10 miles west of this cradle of liberty. And the beginning of the second American Revolution will also take place in Concord. But it will be Concord, New Hampshire, headquarters of the New Hampshire Ron Paul for President Campaign.

*** end quote ***

Note: I’d quibble about the “Second” American Revolution. I’d count the War of Northern Aggression as second. Ron Paul might be the “third”?

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RANT: Huckabee is a socialist

Huckabee Pushes National Sales Tax in NH
Dec 14 02:03 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

*** begin quote ***

BOSCAWEN, N.H. (AP) – Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said eliminating federal income taxes in favor of a national sales tax would help save Social Security—an odd pitch in a state where residents pay no state income or sales taxes.

*** end quote ***

What do your expect from a “socialist”?

Aside from the fact that a “national sales tax” will just gives us BOTH an income tax and a sales tax, (I will trust me — the income tax was passed as a tax on rich people — the gang in gooferment have a vampire’s lust for money instead of blood) it’s theft.

Just continue to ask, “by what authority do you force people to pay?”

They have the guns and the willingness to use them.

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Ron Paul: Analysis of the 16th’s Tea Party! 6M+$ stunning!!’s “preliminary” analysis of the 16th — raised online: $6,023,995. Looks pretty darn good. Now if only Paul can win in the primaries, we will have our liberty.

Wow, how impressive is that? And, I notice that the liberal media, talking heads, and Drudge are virtually ignoring it!!

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