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The quote is” “Do, or do not. There is no TRY!” And, on the word “try”, have to wrinkle your nose like you have a bad taste in your mouth. ;-)

(It really calls attention to the fact that “try” connotes that you can’t possibly be expected to do it. You’re too weak and incapable of accomplishing it. It drains you of all your power to astonish yourself with what you CAN accomplish.)

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LIBERTY: years of incarceration in these state Conformity Camps

Nov. 25, 2007
VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: Why we must destroy the government schools

***Begin Quote***

We recoil in horror from the practices of more “primitive” peoples who routinely subject their children to genital mutilation and other painful rituals, insisting the continuity of such practices is necessary to maintain their cultures. Yet how much more are each succeeding American generation’s views and values warped to accept the “normalcy” of collectivism, enforced mediocrity, and government dependence by 10 to 15 years of incarceration in these state Conformity Camps?


We must do the unthinkable. We must destroy the tax-funded, government-run, compulsory public schools.

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When the Nazis or the Communists did it, Americans were horrified!

When our own socialists do it, that’s different.

We have a working example right here in this country today.

Technology education!

DeVry, Katherine Gibbs, Apollo Group (University of Phoenix), Education Management Corporation (Argosy University), ITT Technical Institutes to name a few.

You can learn about technology, get some certificate or other, and earn more that the average college graduate. Without a huge student loan and in far less than four or more years.

The costs have gone down, quality has gone up, and the topics have adapted in anticipation of the market’s needs.

I use a very objective standard. I drive by a DeVry on a Saturday and the parking lot is full into the late afternoon. Some people see the value.

Compare that to gooferment eddykation at their skools. Costs up, quality down, and the inmates … err, students do anything they can to escape.


How stupid are we to pay for this collective delusion?

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