RANT: The “Fair Tax” debate distracts us from our problems!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007



FairTax Facts
December 26, 2007; Page A10

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Much has been written lately about the FairTax, the proposal to replace the current federal income tax with a national retail sales tax. Unfortunately, much of it is wrong.

This country needs a spirited and wide-ranging debate about fundamental tax reform. But that debate is not advanced by misimpressions and distortions of the FairTax.

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Let’s take on a few points.

>What emerged from this research is that a national retail sales tax
> is a preferred method of taxation
> among most Americans surveyed.

Sorry, but no one asked me! This ASSUMES that there is a moral basis for FORCING people to pay a “tax”. It’s theft. Pure and simple.

>Another is that the tax would have significant benefits for the nation’s economy.

It’s just a different way of robbing people.

>Why? Because it eliminates income taxes and payroll taxes (for Social Security and Medicare)

Does it “eliminate” them?

Assume for a minute that we overlook the moral argument about theft!

Unless the repeal of the Sixteenth precedes the implantation of the “Fair Tax”, you can rest assured that we will have every manner of taxation available.

>the FairTax would eliminate the distorting effect that
>income and payroll taxes have on the economy.

It would create it’s own set of unintended consequences.

For example, I have already been “taxed” and “inflated” on my “savings and investments”. Now, I get taxed again when I spend this money. What happens when I die? I get taxed again. :-)

>Research on the price of consumer goods reveals that up to 20% of all
>prices today represent hidden income
>taxes and payroll taxes. Once these taxes are repealed and replaced
> with the FairTax, it is likely that market
>pressure would force retail prices to fall.

All this does is rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

>Eliminating embedded taxes will also do something else —
> it will remove significant price disadvantages

In your dreams.

>Another benefit of the FairTax is that, unlike other sales taxes, it would not hit the poorest Americans the
>hardest. The FairTax proposal calls for sending every American a “prebate” check to offset the cost of the

So like Social Security, we will now put EVERY American on the dole.

>The FairTax rate is 23% on retail sales when calculated “inclusively,” as are income tax rates.

The tax is buried in the price of the goods being sold. Let’s at least have the stones to have it printed on the grocery receipt.

>It will, in a fairer, more transparent and less-expensive way, raise the same amount of money the federal >government now collects through the income and payroll taxes.

But, the biggest tax is inflation and it doesn’t do anything about that.

>Significantly, the FairTax eliminates all loopholes, gimmicks, exemptions and deductions from the federal tax

Yeah, right, how long will that last?

>Politically, the FairTax will only become law once enough citizens demand that it be enacted

Since when does it matter what the citizens demand. The gang in Washington is in power, regardless of which of the duopoly is the titular head, based on the voting minority. It’s a waste of time to “demand” anything.

>It is debatable whether a modern, citizen-led tax revolution is possible.

Carla Howell is leading a Income tax repeal referendum in Taxzachussetts.

>But the growing popularity (even among presidential candidates) of the FairTax suggests that

They see that they can keep the scam going and get more people to buy into the delusion that it does anything at all to CUT SPENDING!

>another Boston Tea Party may be at hand.

One can only hope.

The American Experiment ended with the War of Northern Aggression in the 1860’s. That started as a tax fight. And, the USA has been in a downward spiral ever since. Like plane heading to the ground nose first, it may well be too late to pull out. (I hope not.)

The problem I have with the whole Fair Tax movement is that it distracts us from the real problems:

0. Honest money (i.e., the banking cartel’s “federal reserve” is inflating us into poverty);

1. The dole (The non-productive people are voting themselves benefits paid for by the productive people!);

2. The gooferment public education system is brainwashing all the future voters into the gooferments paradigms (when the nazis and the communists did it we were horrified; when our own gooferment does it, that’s fine.)

3. The gooferment is imprisoning us (i.e., the “war” on drugs – poverty – smoking) and killing those who resist (Ruby Ridge – Waco);

4. We can’t afford to be the “world’s policeman” (i.e.,Repatriate the troops home);

5. We can’t afford ANY and ALL gooferments with their unintended consequences.

It’ll be the biggest crash in the history of mankind.

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LINKEDIN: that circle-R next to the LinkedIn logo

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


12.27.07 | No Comments

On December 11, 2007, business networking company LinkedIn Corporation filed to protect the trademark in in relation to their popular business networking website.

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So, you thought that circle-R next to the LinkedIn logo was only for the whole name. Well, now it appears it applies to just the “in” part. The abbreviated LinkedIn logo (seen in the above link) is now showing up on sites across the web, including that of a prominent Presidential candidate (scroll down), and on LinkedIn’s own merchandise. Makes sense. With one little word and a cute Web 2.0 logo, everyone in the world can see that you’re “in” the club, “in” the know…and just plain “in”.

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LinkedIn groups are basically under the bulls eye.

Trust no one! Ever.

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RANT: The Big Boondoggle!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


December 26, 2007
“The Big Dig” is Done
Rick Moran

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Officially launched in 1987 with an estimated budget of $2.8 billion, the project’s costs ballooned over the years, reaching a depressing $14.6 billion by the time it was complete. Wikpedia details some of the problems over the years with the project:

The Big Dig has been the most expensive highway project in the U.S.[6] Although the project was estimated at $2.8 billion in 1985 (in 1982 dollars), over $14.6 billion had been spent in federal and state tax dollars as of 2006.[7] The project has incurred criminal arrests[8][9], escalating costs, death, leaks, and charges of poor execution and use of substandard materials. The Massachusetts Attorney General is demanding contractors refund taxpayers $108 million for “shoddy work.” [10]

Just last year, a motorist died when some concrete panels collapsed. Inspections revealed substandard construction – a charge that plagued the project almost from the beginning.

The federal contribution to the project? $8.55 billion. Your tax dollars at work.

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What can one say?

No surprise. No one — politician or bureaucrat — gets any adverse impact. No one pays for it but the taxpayer.

Poor stupid taxpayer!

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POLITICAL: animals are not allowed into establishments where food and drink are served

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


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The New York Department of Health And Mental Hygiene objects to deli owners keeping cats around to deter rats on the grounds that animals are not allowed into establishments where food and drink are served. That’s all well and good, judging by certain infamous news clips (above), but we’re pretty sure that a few well-tended cats prowling around is more hygienic than the alternative.

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Laws don’t do SQWAT!

There are “animals” (i.e., rats) around food establishments. If we have to have “animals”, I’d prefer cats!

I remember in my youth stores of all types (i.e., deli; fish; bodegas; bakeries) where cats were common place. I really never thought about why, but it’s obvious now.

Sometimes, simple solutions are the best.

Maybe the poor guy being fined can claim it’s his seeing eye cat?

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TECH SERVICE: GReader sharing flap!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007



GReader sharing flap!

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Message from discussion New Feature: Sharing with Friends
The group you are posting to is a Usenet group. Messages posted to this group will make your email address visible to anyone on the Internet.
Your reply message has not been sent.
Your post was successful

View profile
More options Dec 22, 8:03 pm
From: AnnaB
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 17:03:45 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sat, Dec 22 2007 8:03 pm
Subject: Re: New Feature: Sharing with Friends
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This is going to sound like hyperbole, but this new feature has
actually RUINED CHRISTMAS for my family! I sent a share a few days ago
that I thought would only go to a few politically-like-minded friends.
I didn’t realize that because I had chatted with him in GChat, it
would also go to my brother, who is of a different political
persuasion. When he received it, he sent a snide, angry email about it
to a large group of our family members. I sent him an email (I’ll
admit, not the nicest one I’ve ever sent) asking him not to talk about
me behind my back and recommending that he stop reading my feed if the
posts were going to make him so angry. He called me a nasty name and
told me that if I can’t take a little ribbing, maybe we shouldn’t talk
anymore at all, including at Christmas Eve dinner. My whole family has
taken sides over this divisive political issue, and several of them
are not speaking. I kid you not, this is threatening to break up my
family at Christmas.

***End Quote***

In case you missed the latest GREADER “feature”, that’s what you get with web-based software — no change control; no feature control; AND it may happen without you even being aware of it.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gotta Digg

A two minute video that is exceptionally cute. These young ladies were inspiring with the novel message.

She’s trying to get to the Super Bowl as talent


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