MONEY: Facing the old age home

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It’s a fact of life that the “old folks” who go into nursing homes run out of money and become wards of the state. It happened to a wealthy aunt decades ago, who took a “fortune” and wound up on the dole. (I was young and not privy to the exact numbers.) And, it’s happening to another aunt and I am privy to the numbers.

She worked her whole life at menial jobs. Saved her pennies and accumulated a nice nest egg. (Probably 5 times her annual salary!) Had social security and a tiny pension. And she’ll die on the dole. (I’m not planning on telling her because she just get upset.)

It’s NOT her fault.

That “social security insurance” theft didn’t provide her with “social insurance”. Proper insurance with MetLife, Prudential, or Allstate over fifty years would have given her a substantial annuity.


Now I read about folks going into assisted living. I read about old folks living on cruise ships. I read about people going overseas for expensive medical procedures.I read about old folks in Japan needing robots.

Will old people become America’s new export? Will the American equivalent of the Eskimos putting old folks on ice flows going out to sea be sending our old folks to old age homes in Third World countries where they can get taken care of “humanely”?

Warped thought, but who is going to take care of an “old” America?

Is that a consequence of our love of abortion and our failure to cherish life?

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INTERESTING: Is there ever a “we”?

Thursday, December 13, 2007


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Do you think we can drive new concepts, lifestyles, value systems… “Our Values – powered by IP – us / WE?”

Do you think we can drive new concepts, lifestyles, value systems… “Our Values – powered by IP – us / WE?” Can we come together and help the world through while at the same time help our own? Through groups of the smartest and brightest from around the world, can we create this next revolution online?

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Implicit in the question is a collectivist concept. The “we”. Is there ever a “we”? Does there have to be a “we” to accomplish worthy goals? I answer a question with a question deliberately.

The “invisible hand” of Adam Smith’s “free market” has no “we” in it! (Like there is no eye in team?) It’s just a bunch of very greedy people each selfishly pursuing what they perceive as “best” as measure by their own self interest. Walk through WalMart and see what the “free market” produces for you.

In addition, that very greedy behavior is essentially cooperation. It’s accomplished by inducing one’s fellow man into giving you one or more “certificates of appreciation”. Satisfy another person’s needs and you get to satisfy yours.

The Mayflower colonists starved because of “collectivism” and thrived when they discovered “greed”.

I’d suggest that by chasing our own individual dreams vigorously, and unhampered by the collectivists (i.e., governments, communists, socialist, and “do gooders” of all ilks) then “good things” will appear as if by magic.

If one insists that there is a “we”, then I think those good things will be delayed.

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RANT: Hey Governor Corzine — still wanna hear about state cars? … (continued) …

Thursday, December 13, 2007

You don’t? TOO BAD!

This morning 13 Dec 07 @ 0715 Route 295 South milepost 42.3 … …

… white suv td11116 … …

… at leisurely 75 or 80 (It was nearby for very long.) (Your serf speed limit is 65)

… tailgating the poor peon in his way

… never left the left lane (Do you teach them to do that, or is that a qualification for working for the state of nujerzee!?)

Any way I am sure that he was hurrying to get away from I assume trenton after protecting and serving me.


P.S.: Dear reader, I don’t write these every day. Just when I ARRIVE early for work, particularly agitated aggravated and have to wait for my employer workstation to get online.

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TECH SOFTWARE: HOWLONG2IT counts down to a deadline

Thursday, December 13, 2007



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HowLong2It is a way to keep track of how many days since some date in the past and how many days until some date in the future. The applications is always only a click away. Click on the tray icon and the status window will popup to show you the dates/tasks you are tracking.

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Might be useful if you have a real deadline. Donation ware!

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