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Saturday, December 8, 2007


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ABC Boston, MSNBC, Concord Monitor, Nashua Telegraph, front page
Boston Metro, WBZ, WBUR, WRKO, the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe,
Worcester Telegram and Gazette, SoCo Magazine, numerous talk radio
shows, several news radio shows, plus cable and broadcast TV news.

Six years ago, the Boston News Media tried to silence us and black us

Then, in November 2002, our first END the Income Tax Initiative in
Massachusetts got 885,683 votes – 45%. We did it with volunteers, a
small budget, and advertising spending of less than $89,000.

And in the last 6 years, the Internet has become a 900-pound
information gorilla. Internet News and Opinion Media now drive old-
economy, Mainstream Newspapers, Radio, and TV News coverage.

The Internet is shattering the information control and gate-keeping by
Newspaper, Radio, and TV News Sources.

The Internet says, “No more censorship and news control by the
Mainstream Media and for the Mainstream Media.”

This is why we’ve already gotten as much Massachusetts News Coverage
in the first 5 days of this month for our 2008 Ballot Initiative to
END the Income Tax as we got in the first YEAR – the first 365 days –
of our 2002 Ballot Initiative to End the Income Tax.

See this (12/3/07) article in the New York Times’ OWNED Worcester
Telegram and Gazette:

Or see Howie Carr’s column in the Boston Herald (12/02/07)

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Imagine if these nuts can roll back the Income Tax in Taxachusetts?

It would be stunning.

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JOBSEARCH: My Judge Judy Law Degree says that this may be good enough in a severance chat

Saturday, December 8, 2007


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>Re: job in Florida
>Posted by: “Nadine Turner”
>Tue Dec 4, 2007 9:24 pm (PST)
>HOW you’ve successfully negotiated an employment contract. I’m not focused on fair pay

I haven’t gotten a contract on the inbound side, but I have gotten contracts on being throw out the door.

Go figure?

>HOW YOU GOT the contract

If a contract is a meeting of the minds as evidenced in writing …

… then I’d assert that you can write a letter indicating that you are accepting their offer and outlining what you understand the terms to be.

(My Judge Judy Law Degree, and experience, tells me that it might be good enough to use in exit negotiations. YMMV)

Should they respond in writing correcting your obvious mistakes, (Notice: I didn’t say include something wrong deliberately, but mistakes do happen. Not typos; some significant item like three weeks vacation and seven paid holidays — when the deal was for 6.) Well, then I’d feel comfortable in front of Judge Judy saying here it is “Your Honor”.


<<Bear in mind, I am not a doctor, lawyer, nor indian chief. I have not played one on TV. And, most certainly have not stayed in a Holiday Inn Express recently. This advice is given for entertainment purposes. And, is not to be considered investment advice under the SEC Act, medical advice under the AMA protection racket, or indian advice which is limited to the BoIA diktats. Since your facts and circumstances may differ please consult your own doctor, lawyer, or indian chief as appropriate.>>

Clearly, if something is important to you, then you have to ask yourself “just how important”?

If I was reloing for a job when I had a job already, then I’d get ten of my most pessimistic friends to develop a list of EVERY single thing that could go wrong! And, I’d want to either conscientiously decide to accept the risk, or I’d want a contract. If I was out of work, then the risk calculation would be different.

I know for sure that I would not trust ANY big biz, any more than I trust any politician. Which is never!

Once you’ve gotten an offer letter and responded. Those are the terms. How “cold and hungry” you are will determine if you accept it? If they want you more than you want them, then you can hold out for more. BUT, get it in writing.

When I took a “dicey job” without one, I got slammed. So, now I ask. Implicit in the asking is you’re saying “i don’t trust you”. If you can do it without being insulting, you might even get it. If they won’t give it to you, you have to ask yourself “why won’t they give it to me”. Then you get the answer, “because i can not trust them!”.



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TECHNOLOGY: toy-like but gun-wielding robot designed to replace human soldiers

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Newbies Build Killer Robot; Fortune Fawns
By Noah Shachtman
December 05, 2007 | 12:33:01 PM

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Killer robots might have just had their dot-com bubble moment, in this fawning Fortune article. The stars: “a 25-year-old self-taught engineer named Adam Gettings” and his “toy-like but gun-wielding robot designed to replace human soldiers on the battlefield.”

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I’m not so sure that I think it will match the video, but the video gives one a vivid idea of their intent.

Will it use windoze?

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XPfails – luggable – weird lockup

Saturday, December 8, 2007

At 20071208 0747, LUGGABLE went nuts. I was working with Word and Outlook and Outlook pegged at 95%. The DYNDNS went red indicating a network problem. Eventually, at 0811, I became exasperated and did a power cycle. Now let’s see if there’s any damage. And poke around for a reason other than the usual suspects Comcast and MICROSOFT OUTLOOK. DYNDNS shows a network burp at 0850!?

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The adventure continues. The box wouldn’t reboot. An XP Repair luckily resuscitated it. (As I sat computing how royally screwed was I?) This time the Intelligent Designer decided that he had heard enough Irish prayers and permit the lesson to end with only 90 minutes wasted on this particular “productivity tool”.


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[003] – 07:50:23 – 12/08/2007 – IP changes ( > [automatic])
[005] – 07:50:24 – 12/08/2007 – Update process starts
[004] – 07:56:13 – 12/08/2007 – reiinkefj []: 10091 (Network subsystem is unavailable)
[005] – 07:56:14 – 12/08/2007 – Update process finished
[004] – 07:56:16 – 12/08/2007 – Update result: winsock error
[002] – 07:56:24 – 12/08/2007 – Will try to check again within 1 minutes
[002] – 07:56:25 – 12/08/2007 – Next force update: 01/01/2008 17:22:44
[002] – 07:56:25 – 12/08/2007 – DynDNS Updater ready…
[001] – 08:07:52 – 12/08/2007 – DynDNS Updater started…
[002] – 08:08:42 – 12/08/2007 – Total group(s): 1 group
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Total host(s): 1 host
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Connected from: lug
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Connected using: Local Area Network
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Automatic update: Enable
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Checking interval: 5 minutes
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – IP address is detected automatically
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Current IP:
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Updated IP:
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Last updated: 14 hours 45 minutes ago
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – Next force update: 01/01/2008 17:22:44
[002] – 08:08:43 – 12/08/2007 – DynDNS Updater ready…
[003] – 08:09:09 – 12/08/2007 – IP changes ( > [automatic])
[005] – 08:09:10 – 12/08/2007 – Update process starts
[004] – 08:09:22 – 12/08/2007 – reiinkefj []: 11001 (Host not found)
[005] – 08:09:26 – 12/08/2007 – Update process finished
[004] – 08:09:26 – 12/08/2007 – Update result: winsock error
[002] – 08:09:26 – 12/08/2007 – Will try to check again within 1 minutes
[002] – 08:09:27 – 12/08/2007 – Next force update: 01/01/2008 17:22:44
[002] – 08:09:28 – 12/08/2007 – DynDNS Updater ready…

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MONEY: serious mistakes with their 401(k) plans

Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Avoid These 401(k) Mistakes!

We’ll be straight with you: In our many years of talking to people about their money concerns, we’ve heard from far too many folks who are making serious mistakes with their 401(k) plans. It breaks our hearts to think about how often we come across these mistakes — and how costly they are as well.

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Good folks with good advice!

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