GUNS: Sue the individuals who ban self-defense

Sunday, December 30, 2007 *

Dec. 16, 2007
VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: How many more will die in ‘gun-free’ zones before the media start asking why?

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If you frequent public buildings or work for an employer who bars you from carrying your otherwise legal self-defense weapon, consider advising your loved ones in writing that — in the event you should die under circumstances where you could have saved yourself and others with your handgun — you want the proprietor sued personally.

Guns save lives. Since banning guns costs lives, shouldn’t the individuals who ban self-defense — not the victimized taxpayers — pay the price?

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Seems only fair. The mall, that puts up a sign “no guns” and doesn’t protect its patrons, should be held financially liable. Remember the politicians, who push “victim disarmament”, like Mike Bloomberg on the NYC Subway, have an armed protective detail ensuring their safety.

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POLITICAL: the staggering debt Washington is incurring

Sunday, December 30, 2007

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If a person chose not to vote for Dr. Paul, he or she would have to be content with the staggering debt Washington is incurring for this and future generations. While it has become a commonplace to say that our grandchildren will pay for this generation’s profligacy, it is nonetheless troublingly true. And the debt we have incurred is not one that finds us owing ourselves, but rather it is one in which Americans have knowingly indebted themselves to their enemies – the Chinese and the Saudis. There is, so far as I can tell, no candidate other than Dr. Paul who says that America should return to its pay-as-you-go traditions, and argues that it is clearly lacking in foresight, prudence, and commonsense to provide rivals and enemies with the ability to detonate a financial weapon of mass destruction that could, by simply calling in our debt, slay America’s economy and standard-of-living. Indeed, so oblivious to this danger are Dr. Paul’s fellow candidates – or so abjectly willing are they to court future economic ruin if it means electoral victory now – that they want to borrow many billions more from our foes to fund universal health care, additional foreign military adventures, college-educations-for-all, and more foreign and military aid for their overseas buddies in Egypt, Cairo, Tel Aviv, and Saudi Arabia.

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We are on our way to be a third world country. Not because the third world is coming here. But because we are spending ourselves into oblivion.

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TECH SERVICE: SPOKEO is ghostly; it tracks you?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

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1. Is Spokeo another social network?

No. Spokeo is a friend tracker (or a reader for the Open Social Graph) that automatically brings you friends’ updates across the Web. You cannot send messages, create profiles, or interact with others. Learn more about how to track friends.

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This looks like another JIGSAW or SPOCK type engine.


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