PRODUCTIVITY: The mistakes generate 9 traps which people make all the time imho!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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Seduced By Success: How the Best Companies Survive the 9 Traps of Winning By Robert J. Herbold

Kodak and Sony reached the pinnacle of success within their markets, but were unable to react to changes within those markets. Herbold, retired COO of Microsoft Corporation, examined 44 successful companies to discover 3 common mistakes made by previously successful companies. The mistakes generate 9 traps which can be avoided as companies like Proctor & Gamble and Apple did by anticipating unarticulated customer needs.

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A culture of agility?

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LIBERTY: Go Free State Project!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your friend nujerzeeporcupine at Current thinks you’d dig this item, rent FREE**.

Check it out:

nujerzeeporcupine says:

Go Ron Paul! Go Free State Project! Going, going , going to NH! (Right after … …?)

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LINKEDIN: Unresponsive because the email address was … strange!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


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I don’t know about the other 63% of your contacts, obviously, but as for myself, I didn’t respond because the email address was V2Y2R0N27RHJ6Y and even though the message looked authentic, that email looked hokey.

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OK, point well taken. I’m going to be moving my emails off Comcast and onto my own domain (i.e., In the spring, I’ll test again and see if that makes a difference. :-)

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