TECH SERVICE: COLLANOSWORKPLACE from behind firewalls transparently?

Monday, December 3, 2007

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How it Works

Collanos Workplace is built on peer-to-peer technology, similar to Skype™ internet telephony and popular music sharing networks. The solution stores the data of shared workspaces securely on the computers of all participating team members. Members can even work from behind firewalls thanks to a special Relay service that helps routing traffic in these situations. All the communication between users is encrypted and transmitted securely.

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We’ll see.

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TECHNOLOGY: Ron Paul is a baby elephant

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ron Paul is a baby elephant
From around the country, Ron Paul’s followers are descending on New Hampshire to go door-to-door for their man. But what do they really want?
By Michael Scherer

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A Web site Lyman built raised $4.2 million for Paul from more than 38,000 Americans in a single day, Nov. 5, which was chosen because it was the day Guy Fawkes, a 17th century British revolutionary, had attempted to blow up parliament with gunpowder. Until Saturday night at Murphy’s, Lyman had never met Paul, and to this day, Paul has never seen “V for Vendetta,” the 2005 cinematic thriller that familiarized Lyman with the Fawkes story. But none of that matters to either Paul or Lyman. For most of this year, Paul has effectively given up control of his campaign effort to his supporters, who organize online, through Meetup groups and Web sites like At his own volition, Lyman is now organizing another major fundraising day, Dec. 16, a date commemorating the Boston Tea Party in 1773. “I would bet almost anything that we will beat $4.2 million,” Lyman tells me at Murphy’s. Already, he adds, 23,000 people have pledged to donate on that day.

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It seems that TECHNOLOGY has “rEVOLutionized” politics.

One can’t imagine this happening without the internet.

Three questions — all scary — come to mind: (1) What if he wins? (2) What if he doesn’t? (3) And, what if the next politician to discover the inet isn’t about freedom & liberty with peace and love?

If he wins, buy the S&P500 and the Wilshire5000 because the economy is going to have a bull market that will make every other one look tame. If the analogy of the free market is an engine delivering wealth to every one — and he’s going to remove the friction place on the economy by the excessive taxes and regulation — then get ready for a global boom that will light up the world. Nuke the department of Agriculture and the poorest folks in the world will be fed by the American Farmer. You ain’t seen productivity like this since the Mayflower folks decided to privitize the common grainery. We’ll be using the Air Force to parachute food into starving regions just to unload it.

If he loses, buy gold. There will be a revolution. All these productive folks will see the handwriting on the wall and adapt. Think the underground economy is big now. Just wait.

If the politicians figure out how to use propaganda on the inet, then this might be the “passions of democracy” that our Founding Fathers were so afraid of.

One can only hope that this old gent is the Third American Revolution. If not, I think it will be very painful when it does come. You can only sheer sheep so much before they become annoyed at you. Men always figure out when “enough is enough’!

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PRODUCTIVITY: PLAXO’s value proposition used to be “Your data about other people can be kept up to date.”

Monday, December 3, 2007


>In order to use Plaxo though, he has to break up the files into groups under 65,000 which is a royal pain!


I was a fan of classic Plaxo (2?). In Outlook, I had divided my “world view” by community of interest — College alums, LinkedIn, xOldEmployer1, xOldEmployer2, Highschoolchums1, family, friends, acquaintances, dotcomaraden, etc etc. Plaxo1 only did contacts in one Outlook file. So when they then handled for files, all was right with the world. And, Plaxo was very useful. Now with version 3, there are all sorts of limits, and stuff. And, frankly, I don’t think it works. Plaxo is making deals with ISPs and modifying its software for that.

And, they imho have lost their essential value proposition. “Your data about other people can be kept up to date.”

There are certain basic principles that they are forgetting: (1) It’s MY data. (Don’t be “stealing” it for other purposes without my permission AND that of the poor slob who it is about!) (2) It doesn’t matter what they other person says; it’s mine. (I have people who forget who I am putting blanks that Plaxo replicate into my Outlook record. Argh!) (3) What is all this “limits” “barbara streisand”? (If I want to keep track of a million people AND I am paying you, then you figure out how to do it. Don’t tell me — years after we’ve started and you’ve taken my money — that we are now going to have limits!!).

So, clearly, I’m moving away form Plaxo and back to a more manual system. Sadly. I’m interested of what everyone else is doing.

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MONEY: Consumer Guides for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance

Monday, December 3, 2007

Resource of the Week: Consumer Guides for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance
By Shirl Kennedy, Senior Editor

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Here is an issue that, in the United States, needs no elaboration. Even if you, yourself, do not have a health insurance horror story, most assuredly you have a friend, relative or colleague who does. We’re all familiar with these tales by now:

* People who lose their health insurance when their employer kicks them to the curb.
* Small businesses no longer able to offer coverage to employees because premiums have become unaffordable — if they can find a company willing to insure them to begin with.
* Large businesses unable to complete on a level playing field in the increasingly globalized economy, due to the built-in overhead cost of providing health insurance for employees and, sometimes, retirees.
* People without insurance who put off going to the doctor until a health situation reaches the crisis stage, at which point they show up in the emergency room, where they are treated at taxpayers’ expense for something that might have been prevented — or relatively simply and inexpensive to take care of in its early stages.
* People who are tethered to unrewarding/unsuitable jobs — who would maybe like to work part-time and/or start a small business — because of the need for health insurance.

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Note the fine hand of the gooferment in this problem at many places.

* Employer connected benefit plans are a direct result of the WW2 wage and price controls.

* Health Insurance is tax deductible to an employer but not to Joe SixPack (and I’m not referring to abs). Consultants and contractors can deducted by the pretense that they are their own employers. Argh!

* The supply of “doctors”, “nurses”, and “hospitals” are all restricted by gooferment licensing laws. (Like people prior to the AMA were too stupid to figure out what docs were good and what were bad. Docs that screwed up my get shot. Made for motivated health professionals.) Any restriction in supply increases cost. Demand is relatively constant.

* Drugs are restricted by the FDA (whose horror stories are legendary) and, even when “approved”, are further restricted by FDA diktats which ensure the creation of BigPharma (where “regulators” come from and go to retire in an incestuous relationship). Further restricting supply when you can get it. And, too bad, if you happen to die while “your” drug awaits approval. Even if you wave all the claims and accept the risk, you still can’t have it, you peon you. (Unless you’re rich enough and healthy enough to fly to a Third World country where you can have whatever you need. If it’s made at all.

* Drugs, that are evil things that can jump up and put themselves in you, can only be sold in gooferment approved stores. And, then only by prescriptions from gooferment approved “doctors” (qwak qwak) which have to come on gooferment approved forms. These prescriptions can be paid for by gooferment approved insurance companies if they are listed in their gooferment approved “formularies”. Argh!

* Things that BigPharma can not make a profit on — vitamins, minerals, dirt, mold, weeds, bark of tropical trees — can not be advertised to you by anyone — regardless if the have a gooferment license or not — as “curing anything” unless the FDA agrees to the proof. Since, for example, the British Navy discovered that Vitamin C cures scurvy, but you can advertise that claim citizen because the FDA hasn’t been paid so you can do a double blind test — at your expense of course. So no vitamins or minerals for you Citizen regardless of what they cure, prevent, or help. (I know one fellow, gets something for his horse, and takes it himself. For arthritis pain. Horse and owner are doing just fine thanks. Not so, the rest of the non-horse owning population.)

* Now my favorite topic, weed. MJ. Did you see that they think that smoking it prevents breast and brain cancer from spreading? Yup, no joke. And, ignore the fact that some sick people can tolerate it better than the fancy and expensive BigPharma drugs. And, further ignore, that in California, the federal thugs are robbing medical marijuana dispensaries. (Well, what do you call a federal raid where pot and cash are taken, but no one is arrested or charges. OJ does it in LV and he’s an armed robber. The feddies do it in CA and they are heros of the empire. We stopped being a republic a long time ago. Guess they haven’t read the Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendment.)


* The gooferment assuming the medical insurance of all old folks over age 65 under the Social Security / Medicare program is imho the single biggest factor in why we are broke and medical care stinks here. Go to a hospital er and go to one of those “you pay” urgent care places. Guess where you’ll be home from first.


BTW, the guide is excellent and this is a great find.

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