RANT: speech at the Boston Tea Party celebration


Boston Tea Party Speech 12/16/07
Posted December 17th, 2007 by Jane Aitken

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Jim Forsythe PhD, Aerospace Engineer and former tanker pilot who flew missions to Bosnia and Kosovo gave this speech at the Boston Tea Party celebration for Ron Paul at Faneuil Hall, Boston today. Long live the “Second American Revolution” of 2008.


– Jane

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I especially like the lines:

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For a strong defense, what we need is to protect our borders, not attempt to remake borders overseas. We need to pursue a non-interventionist foreign policy, with free trade and travel to engender the good will of the world. And when we are attacked we need to go after those that have attacked us, and only those that attacked us. What we need, is Ron Paul. In his ten terms he has consistently fought to protect our borders. He has consistently advocated a non-interventionist foreign policy and free trade. And he advocated directly targeting the terrorists, by voting to pursue them in Afghanistan. He also sponsored a bill to target the terrorist directly through constitutional means, but was ignored.

It has become abundantly clear to me that the revolution sparked by the Boston Tea Party was gradually abandoned over the last two centuries. Our non-interventionist foreign policy was abandoned by Wilson, who said we should “make the world safe for democracy,” leading to WW1. But the withering torch of freedom has once again been re-ignited. The revolution began at Lexington and Concord 10 miles west of this cradle of liberty. And the beginning of the second American Revolution will also take place in Concord. But it will be Concord, New Hampshire, headquarters of the New Hampshire Ron Paul for President Campaign.

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Note: I’d quibble about the “Second” American Revolution. I’d count the War of Northern Aggression as second. Ron Paul might be the “third”?

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