INTERESTING: after Stalin, what they did still terrifies her

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Through an interpreter, I asked Darina if she had any memory of Stalin. And this kindly proud old lady who has toughed through everything that humanity (The Nazis came through the Ukraine on their way to Stalingrad) and Mother Nature can throw at a person and survived it, became visibly frightened and started to shake. So many years after Stalin and the Soviets left the stage, what they did still terrifies her. She was unable to speak about it.

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What scares the … out of a little old lady?

The thought of a gooferment genocide, what it has cost her, and what it still might do to her.

Wow, that is pretty powerful reporting. We should take heed.

It CAN happen here (i.e., Japanese Interment; the American Indian; Southern Lynchings, Waco)!

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