HEALTH: The covid test maybe available thru regular channels

Tue, Apr 28, 9:44 PM (2 days ago)

>Why get tested if no symptoms ? 

Curiosity. Knowing.

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Labcorp sent a notice that they were offering the test for $100.

“Everyone” was ridiculing me for thinking about get it done.

With all the “information” floating around about the WuFlu:

  • The death count is either inflated (by hospitals to get Federal money) or undercounted (by ignoring deaths in nursing homes).
  • No one seems to understand it. (For example, how can the Roosevelt aircraft carrier (Link) have only a fraction of the crew infected if it’s so contagious?)
  • There seems to be some “interesting” (uneven) stratification in the impact.  Seems to impact the old and sick.  Seems to impact minorities disparately.  Seems to be spread by people that don’t have symptoms.
  • The politicians and bureaucrats have confused the issue with a delayed response and an over-reaction.
  • The “celebrities” are elbowing into the spotlight to improve their visibility and spouting uninformed opinions.
  • Some experts are opining outside their areas of expertise.  Stepping into “policy” from “findings” or “recommendations”.
  • No one seems to know who’s immune and why?
  • Seem to be two groups of doctors that seem to have conflicting diametrically opposed opinions about what the issues are?

So, if there is some sort of “immunity”, perhaps it is signaled by the antibodies in the testing.  

It might be nice to know if I have the antibodies which would indicate:

  1. I had a the mild version that people get with no symptoms;
  2. I will know I have immunity when and if the experts find that “immunity” is denoted by the antibodies;
  3. I will know by the absence of those antibodies would be a warning that I might still be at risk.

QED thinking about getting the test isn’t crazy.

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Stimulate the LP | Libertarian Party

In the middle of a global pandemic and a nearly complete economic halt, our elected officials could not comprehend the obvious idea of giving taxpayers their money back to help them keep their bills paid without adding in more than a trillion dollars of corporate bailouts and pork-barrel spending. When we actually break down the […]

Source: Stimulate the LP | Libertarian Party

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Government leaders who believe you and I could not survive without them think the only way to solve a problem is to throw tax dollars at it. We do have very real, deep problems in this country that need to be addressed — health insurance costs, ever-increasing student debt, the opioid crisis, veteran homelessness and suicide — and these problems vary from community to community. Not every American is living with the same issues, and what works in one state may not have the same effect on a different population.

*** end quote ***

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“We, The Sheeple” have real problems.

Adding to posterity’s future debt with trillions of stimulus, bailouts, and just waste.

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POLITICAL: Did NY Democrats just tank Biden’s nomination?

From the Catholic perspective, Cuomo represents another pro-choice Catholic politician who has tangled with bishops, not unlike Biden. If New York’s governor ends up with the nomination, it would put a spotlight back on the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who has faced calls in the past to formally sanction Cuomo for his aggressively pro-abortion action in the governor’s mansion. But whether Biden secures the nomination, or Cuomo becomes a convention spoiler, bishops this autumn will face the challenge of a candidate who flaunts his Catholicism while flouting Catholic teaching on abortion.

Source: Analysis: Did NY Democrats just tank Biden’s nomination?

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The “mainstream media” is ignoring Biden’s dementia, sexual harassment allegation, and his lifetime lack of achievement.  Never mind the Ukraine and other scandals.

I don’t understand how anyone can support him?

And the “Catholic” bishops kowtowing  to the CINO politicians make me wonder if the FIX is in (i.e., the politicians get a pass so does the Church for the pedophilia scandal)?

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TECHNOLOGY: Blur’s “Masked Cards”

What are Masked Cards?

Masked Cards are unique, disposable, private credit cards created in the amount you specify. They are real MasterCards that function like a pre-paid gift card that you create on the fly as you shop. Use Masked Cards whenever you’re uncomfortable giving out your real card information.

Source: Blur

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​I’m trialing this as a way to keep autorenewals from autorenewing.  For a 100+$ per year, it MIGHT be an effective solution.
So for stuff I am keeping forever, I’ll just give them my permanent card.  For stuff that I am not (i.e., websites; domain names; software subscriptions), I’ll use a masked card.  Since there is a small handling charge due to card processing fees, I’ll have to run two distinct lists (i.e., stuff on the permanent card and one for the masked cards).
SO I’ll report back how it worked out.
Of course, I’m interested in any feedback you have abut this.
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College student is shocked that her professor can read her ‘private’ conversations on Zoom | Daily Mail Online

An American college student was horrified to learn — too late — that her professor can read all of the ‘private’ messages she sends on Zoom.

The young woman, Faith, has been trading casual messages — with some profanity — with other students, thinking that that the words were kept between them.

But when she received an email from her angry professor, she learned that the educator has been reading what she wrote all along.

Source: College student is shocked that her professor can read her ‘private’ conversations on Zoom | Daily Mail Online

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Remember the old advice: “Say it, forget it; write it, regret it”.

One better understand ALL the technology you use.

I was always amazed that coworkers would think that their employer couldn’t see what they were doing on “their” (company) laptop on the company’s network connection.

VPN anyone?

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VOCABULARY: We Have Become Karen Nation – Gold Goats ‘n Guns

A Karen is a person, usually a woman, who is never satisfied with the service she’s receiving and demands to talk to the manager. It doesn’t matter if Karen’s complaints are valid or not.

Source: We Have Become Karen Nation – Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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China global cover-up concerns after it filed patent for drug that helps some patients recover | Daily Mail Online

China tried to patent potential coronavirus drug Remsvidir the DAY AFTER Beijing confirmed virus was transmissable between humans

  • On January 21 a patent for commercial use of Remdesivir was filed in China
  • The application was made by the top-secret Wuhan Institute of Virology bio-lab
  • It is at the centre of concerns about a possible leak of the coronavirus disease
  • Leaked documents shown that China officials who knew they faced an epidemic delayed warning the public for six days


China filed a patent for a drug seen as one of the best potential weapons against coronavirus the day after it confirmed human transmission of the disease.

The revelation that it moved so fast fuels concerns about a cover-up of the pandemic when it erupted in Wuhan last year, and suggests that China’s understanding of the virus was far advanced from the impression given by its public stance.

Last night, Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, joined the growing global clamour for a full, independent inquiry into China’s role.

Source: China global cover-up concerns after it filed patent for drug that helps some patients recover | Daily Mail Online

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Seems like the WuFlu was a calculated weapon aimed at the USA economy?

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Coronavirus & U.S. Cities — Moving Out Cities and Not Coming Back | National Review

A possible wave of Americans moving out of cities, a future pandemic, and the political divide is likely to be altered from this coronavirus crisis.
— Read on

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Seems like the WuFlu may have come to the USA via Italy but in my mind there is little doubt where these viruses originate. Now the question is was it a deliberate bio strike by the PRC? No fatalities in Hong Kong or Peking. And this ended the liberty activist demonstrations in HK. This evidence is circumstantial, to be sure, but it all points toward the Wuhan labs. Thanks to the Chinese coverup, we may never have direct, conclusive evidence—intelligence rarely works that way—but Americans justifiably can use common sense to follow the inherent logic of events to their likely conclusion.

Convenient or deliberate?

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Cut the Calorie-Rich-And-Processed Foods |


Source: Cut the Calorie-Rich-And-Processed Foods |

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Simple put this summarizes today’s obesity problem.

I wonder if I can take this lesson to “heart”.

I stated my journey with and wish I’d known about it decades ago.

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The fix is obviously in on Cuomo’s ‘investigation’ of nursing-home horrors

The concerned CEO made another plea the next day, asking if he could send the home’s suspected coronavirus cases to the field hospital at the Javits Center or the USNS Comfort. No dice, came the answer.

So much for the claims from Gov. Cuomo and his health czar, Dr. Howard Zucker, that overwhelmed facilities just needed to ask for help if handed patients they couldn’t safely handle — thanks to Zucker’s March 25 mandate that all homes accept coronavirus-positive cases.

We expect more damning evidence will surface in the days ahead.

Source: The fix is obviously in on Cuomo’s ‘investigation’ of nursing-home horrors

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Could someone have made a decision to “write off” the nursing homes to prioritize the hospitals?

I can understand “triage” but then don’t “bury” the evidence.

IMHO the numbers are “fudged” for numerous reasons.  Anything that can be is charged off to the WuFlu.

And politicians and bureaucrats wonder why people don’t trust the Gooferment!

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Deported Child Sex Offender Again Caught Crossing California Border

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a previously deported Honduran illegal alien who was convicted in a California court last year for sex with a minor. Immigration officers deported the criminal alien on at least two occasions.

Source: Deported Child Sex Offender Again Caught Crossing California Border

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Clearly, the current “system” isn’t working.

Convicted yet still putting the USA at risk.

The politicians and bureaucrats need to figure this out before folks start taking “justice” in their own hands.


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Woman gets stuck inside her WASHING MACHINE during a game of hide-and-seek  | Daily Mail Online

Amari Dancy was playing the game with her younger cousins at home in Woodbridge, Virginia Sunday night when she decided to conceal herself in the large appliance.

Source: Woman gets stuck inside her WASHING MACHINE during a game of hide-and-seek  | Daily Mail Online

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Guess that makes her the “fun cousin”.


Besides most of us wouldn’t fit in any size washing machine!

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What If the Lockdown Was All a Big Mistake?

From California to New Jersey, Americans are protesting in the streets. They are demanding an end to house arrest orders given by government officials over a virus outbreak that even according to the latest US government numbers will claim fewer lives than the seasonal flu outbreak of 2017-2018.

Source: What If the Lockdown Was All a Big Mistake?

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Kentucky, a strict lockdown state, is five times more populated than South Dakota, yet it has some 20 times more coronavirus deaths. If lockdown and house arrest are the answer, shouldn’t those numbers be reversed, with South Dakota seeing mass death while Kentucky dodges the coronavirus bullet?

*** end quote ***

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Imagine if this “lockdown strategy” was a total waste?


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41 Arguments Against the Drug War

The popular website Eat This, Not That! recently ran an article titled “41 Ways Alcohol Ruins Your Health.” Here is the article’s brief introduction: If you like to have a drink once in a while, chances are you’re having a few more than usual, given the fact that we’re all self-isolating.

Source: 41 Arguments Against the Drug War

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Alcohol is a diuretic, and when consumed in sufficient quantities, it leaches water from all over your body, including your brain. The result is often a crippling headache, muscle pain, and a thirst you just can’t seem to quench, no matter how much water or how many sugar- and calorie-packed sports drinks you guzzle down.

*** end quote ***


Maybe I have to become an “abstainer”?

With the stay at home shutdown, I did go for 14 days without a beer.  No reaction one way or the other.

Wonder how everyone else is doing with it.

I miss my “bar friends”.


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Zookeepers Share How Animals Are Reacting To The Lack Of Visitors

Staying home in quarantine with your loved ones feels like living in a zoo now and then. Nobody said it’d be easy. Meanwhile, the real zoos out there have closed their doors to visitors. And that means that porcupines, cheetahs, rhinos, and all the bestest boys and girls are having no proper social life.

Source: Zookeepers Share How Animals Are Reacting To The Lack Of Visitors

*** begin quote ***

For a lot of our animals, having the ability to interact with guests is actually extremely important. Even for primates to be able to play with kids through the glass, they are missing out on a lot of enrichment. Guests keep a lot of the monkeys entertained. I watch our guests all day long show our marmosets and capuchins selfie cameras and they LOVE to see their reflection. Guests will also show videos on their phones to animals and the monkeys totally enjoy it.

*** end quote ***

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I never thought of zoo visitors as entertainment for the animals?

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WWII veteran, 96, shaves his hair into a mohawk to bring joy during the coronavirus pandemic | Daily Mail Online

A 96-year-old WWII veteran first wore a mohawk to intimidate Germans before D-Day, and now he’s done it again to spread joy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: WWII veteran, 96, shaves his hair into a mohawk to bring joy during the coronavirus pandemic | Daily Mail Online

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  • WWII veteran Guy Whidden, 96, shaved his hair into a mohawk this month
  • Whidden wore the mohawk to bring laughter amid the COVID-19 pandemic and as a tribute to his fallen comrades
  • He first wore a mohawk as a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division in 1944
  • Mohawks were worn by soldiers to intimidate German soldiers during battle
  • Footage of Whidden’s haircut went viral on social media
  • Paratroopers have started the #MohawkChallenge after Whidden’s example

*** end quote ***

Now that’s funny and a great American response to the WuFlu.  Reminds me of General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe!


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Mom saves toddler from crocodile by sticking fingers up reptile’s nose

A mother in Zimbabwe rescued her toddler from a killer croc this week by jamming her fingers up the reptile’s nose.

Source: Mom saves toddler from crocodile by sticking fingers up reptile’s nose

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That’s an impressive feat.  One of the reasons you never mess with a Momma Bear — of any species.

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TINFOILHAT: The WuFlu was deliberate attack on the USA by China

Sources believe coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan lab as part of China’s efforts to compete with US
By Bret Baier, Gregg Re | Fox News

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EXCLUSIVE: There is increasing confidence that the COVID-19 outbreak likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory, though not as a bioweapon but as part of China’s attempt to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China’s government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News.

This may be the “costliest government cover-up of all time,” one of the sources said.

The sources believe the initial transmission of the virus – a naturally occurring strain that was being studied there – was bat-to-human and that “patient zero” worked at the laboratory, then went into the population in Wuhan.

The “increasing confidence” comes from classified and open-source documents and evidence, the sources said. Fox News has requested to see the evidence directly. Sources emphasized — as is often the case with intelligence — that it’s not definitive and should not be characterized as such. Some inside the administration and the intelligence and epidemiological communities are more skeptical, and the investigation is continuing.

What all of the sources agree about is the extensive cover-up of data and information about COVID-19 orchestrated by the Chinese government.

*** end quote ***

Anyone who doesn’t find this “convenient” maybe a fool, or delusional!

How do you explain the WuFlu from skipping Peking and Hong Kong?

Wuhan, with its extensive connection to Italy and the USA, would be the perfect vector for such an attack.

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In Sweden, Will Voluntary Self-Isolation Work Better Than State-Enforced Lockdowns in the Long Run? –

There’s a lot of debate over the Swedish model of coronavirus response, but there are good reasons to think a Hippocratic approach to policy may pay off.

Source: In Sweden, Will Voluntary Self-Isolation Work Better Than State-Enforced Lockdowns in the Long Run? –

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Imagine if the “voluntary approach” of protecting the vulnerable and not “locking down” can be shown to be more effective response?

Then, what will ALL the politicians, bureaucrats, and pundits say then!


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The FBI needs to be shutdown; possibly a new agency formed with NO ONE from the old FBI

Disclosures: Russian Disinformation in Steele Dossier Fueled Collusion Probe by Obama, Comey, FBI
16 Apr 2020

*** begin quote ***

The FBI heavily relied on a Democrat-funded dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, even after learning that the document likely contained Russian disinformation, evidence declassified this week revealed.

On Wednesday, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley (IA) and Ron Johnson (WI) released newly declassified footnotes from the December 2019 Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general (IG) report about the FBI’s Russia collusion probe. The footnotes indicate that the FBI may have assisted Moscow in interfering in the American elections by relying on Russian disinformation contained in Steele’s infamous “pee dossier” to carry out its collusion investigation.

FBI officials began their investigation during former President Barack Obama’s administration while the agency, a component of DOJ, was under the leadership of James Comey. The probe, which ultimately found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, carried into the current administration.

Steele’s dossier served as the FBI’s primary source for its collusion allegations, even though the agency knew Russian disinformation had tainted the information in the document. In other words, the Democrat-funded, infamous “pee dossier” that fueled the FBI’s collusion investigation relied on Russian lies.

A press release issued by Grassley and Johnson on Wednesday noted:

Despite multiple reports in 2017 warning that claims in an anti-Trump dossier [by Steele] were “false” and “part of a Russian disinformation campaign,” the FBI continued to rely on the Democrat-funded opposition research to spy on a Trump campaign aide.

The two senators added in a joint statement:

As we can see from these now-declassified footnotes in the IG’s report, Russian intelligence was aware of the dossier before the FBI even began its investigation and the FBI had reports in hand that their central piece of evidence was most likely tainted with Russian disinformation.

*** end quote ***’

The FBI is an example of a special militia that was hated by the Dead Old White Guys.

The Constitution was intended to limit the power of the Federal Gooferment.

Yet, the politicians and bureaucrats think they have “absolute power” over all the “We, The Sheeple”!


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: PA Rep has an N95 and it’s misused!

PA Representative Bob Brooks @RepBobBrooks

Wearing a N95 respirator mask upside down on the PA House floor. Brooks voted to send ALL non-essential PA workers back to work this week as ESSENTIAL PA nursing home workers pictured below are still wearing homemade masks.

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(1) I thought that the “diktat” was that the N95’s were only need by doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.  Somehow I doubt that Rep Dob is working in an ER.

(2) What a jerk.  Upside down!  

I really think politicians and bureaucrats need to be scorned when they “try to get to the front of the parade and pretend to lead”!


“Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.” — Sands of Iwo Jima” (1949), John Wayne’s character, Sergeant Stryker

Sometimes they demonstrate their stupidity!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Lotto ticket exempt

Lotto tickets are OK, but not seeds? Residents baffled after Michigan bans purchases of ‘non-essential’ items

Geeee I wonder why?

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Far-right US politicians label lockdowns anti-constitutional

“If I choose to peacefully assemble, go to Church, go to a gun shop, take my family fishing, open my business, enjoy the outdoors, or exercise any of my constitutional rights, I should not be restricted from doing so by a would-be dictator,” Culp told supporters during a recent conference call.
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Seaside Park Police Charge Man Sitting on Lifeguard Stand, Couple Walking on Boardwalk With Coronavirus Violations | Lavallette-Seaside Shorebeat

Seaside Park police charged several people with violating the state’s social distancing orders over the last several days.Konstanti Apessos Jr., 21, of Manchester, was charged on April 12 with defiant trespass, petty disorderly persons offense, and violating the emergency orders for sitting on a

Source: Seaside Park Police Charge Man Sitting on Lifeguard Stand, Couple Walking on Boardwalk With Coronavirus Violations | Lavallette-Seaside Shorebeat

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​Absurd enforcement!
And, the “power directive” certainly seems like a “taking” under the Constitution to me!
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Book captures wickedness a doctor witnessed as he struggled to decide who could be saved in Belsen | Daily Mail Online

General Brian Horrocks agreed a local truce and on April 15 sent Brigadier Hughes of the Royal Army Medical Corps — his top medical man — forward to reconnoitre the camp. Hughes drove along that remote forest road to Belsen not really knowing what to expect. Once he stepped inside, he saw at a glance the magnitude of the crime against humanity perpetrated there.

Source: Book captures wickedness a doctor witnessed as he struggled to decide who could be saved in Belsen | Daily Mail Online

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You can’t possibly read just this summary of the book and not be upset.

“Identity politics” leads to this particualr version of “man’s inhumanity to man”!


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