How to shop for groceries during COVID-19 – The Prepared

The virus can live on cardboard packaging (e.g. a cereal box) for 24 hours, so if someone else has touched that item and put it back, or sneezed/coughed within six feet of the box, it could be contaminated.

Source: How to shop for groceries during COVID-19 – The Prepared

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I was thinking about this the other day when in <REDACTED cause I’m sure they all “restock”> and I saw the team member “reverse shopping” (i.e., putting stuff in a basic back on the shelves).

Now I wonder if they hold the stuff out for 24 hours or not?

And, what about the deli products she was “restocking” into the refrigerated “grab and go”?


Now I’ve always take solace in the 98% never get infected rate, and the high percentage of “never got sick at all” or “just a little sick”.  And, there is so much that is just unknown about the virus, how it transmits (maybe it is by 5G? Laugh!), and who is really at high risk.

Maybe I’m naïve, but I think that the politicians and bureaucrats are totally clueless.  — Although Mario Cuomo seems to be shooting straight on this topic at this time. —  And Doc Fauci may have a political ax to grind — Hence, everything they “plan” must be taken with a LARGE grain of salt.


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