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In the middle of a global pandemic and a nearly complete economic halt, our elected officials could not comprehend the obvious idea of giving taxpayers their money back to help them keep their bills paid without adding in more than a trillion dollars of corporate bailouts and pork-barrel spending. When we actually break down the […]

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Government leaders who believe you and I could not survive without them think the only way to solve a problem is to throw tax dollars at it. We do have very real, deep problems in this country that need to be addressed — health insurance costs, ever-increasing student debt, the opioid crisis, veteran homelessness and suicide — and these problems vary from community to community. Not every American is living with the same issues, and what works in one state may not have the same effect on a different population.

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“We, The Sheeple” have real problems.

Adding to posterity’s future debt with trillions of stimulus, bailouts, and just waste.

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