The fix is obviously in on Cuomo’s ‘investigation’ of nursing-home horrors

The concerned CEO made another plea the next day, asking if he could send the home’s suspected coronavirus cases to the field hospital at the Javits Center or the USNS Comfort. No dice, came the answer.

So much for the claims from Gov. Cuomo and his health czar, Dr. Howard Zucker, that overwhelmed facilities just needed to ask for help if handed patients they couldn’t safely handle — thanks to Zucker’s March 25 mandate that all homes accept coronavirus-positive cases.

We expect more damning evidence will surface in the days ahead.

Source: The fix is obviously in on Cuomo’s ‘investigation’ of nursing-home horrors

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Could someone have made a decision to “write off” the nursing homes to prioritize the hospitals?

I can understand “triage” but then don’t “bury” the evidence.

IMHO the numbers are “fudged” for numerous reasons.  Anything that can be is charged off to the WuFlu.

And politicians and bureaucrats wonder why people don’t trust the Gooferment!

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