In Sweden, Will Voluntary Self-Isolation Work Better Than State-Enforced Lockdowns in the Long Run? –

There’s a lot of debate over the Swedish model of coronavirus response, but there are good reasons to think a Hippocratic approach to policy may pay off.

Source: In Sweden, Will Voluntary Self-Isolation Work Better Than State-Enforced Lockdowns in the Long Run? –

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Imagine if the “voluntary approach” of protecting the vulnerable and not “locking down” can be shown to be more effective response?

Then, what will ALL the politicians, bureaucrats, and pundits say then!


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The FBI needs to be shutdown; possibly a new agency formed with NO ONE from the old FBI

Disclosures: Russian Disinformation in Steele Dossier Fueled Collusion Probe by Obama, Comey, FBI
16 Apr 2020

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The FBI heavily relied on a Democrat-funded dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, even after learning that the document likely contained Russian disinformation, evidence declassified this week revealed.

On Wednesday, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley (IA) and Ron Johnson (WI) released newly declassified footnotes from the December 2019 Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general (IG) report about the FBI’s Russia collusion probe. The footnotes indicate that the FBI may have assisted Moscow in interfering in the American elections by relying on Russian disinformation contained in Steele’s infamous “pee dossier” to carry out its collusion investigation.

FBI officials began their investigation during former President Barack Obama’s administration while the agency, a component of DOJ, was under the leadership of James Comey. The probe, which ultimately found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, carried into the current administration.

Steele’s dossier served as the FBI’s primary source for its collusion allegations, even though the agency knew Russian disinformation had tainted the information in the document. In other words, the Democrat-funded, infamous “pee dossier” that fueled the FBI’s collusion investigation relied on Russian lies.

A press release issued by Grassley and Johnson on Wednesday noted:

Despite multiple reports in 2017 warning that claims in an anti-Trump dossier [by Steele] were “false” and “part of a Russian disinformation campaign,” the FBI continued to rely on the Democrat-funded opposition research to spy on a Trump campaign aide.

The two senators added in a joint statement:

As we can see from these now-declassified footnotes in the IG’s report, Russian intelligence was aware of the dossier before the FBI even began its investigation and the FBI had reports in hand that their central piece of evidence was most likely tainted with Russian disinformation.

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The FBI is an example of a special militia that was hated by the Dead Old White Guys.

The Constitution was intended to limit the power of the Federal Gooferment.

Yet, the politicians and bureaucrats think they have “absolute power” over all the “We, The Sheeple”!


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