41 Arguments Against the Drug War

The popular website Eat This, Not That! recently ran an article titled “41 Ways Alcohol Ruins Your Health.” Here is the article’s brief introduction: If you like to have a drink once in a while, chances are you’re having a few more than usual, given the fact that we’re all self-isolating.

Source: 41 Arguments Against the Drug War

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Alcohol is a diuretic, and when consumed in sufficient quantities, it leaches water from all over your body, including your brain. The result is often a crippling headache, muscle pain, and a thirst you just can’t seem to quench, no matter how much water or how many sugar- and calorie-packed sports drinks you guzzle down.

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Maybe I have to become an “abstainer”?

With the stay at home shutdown, I did go for 14 days without a beer.  No reaction one way or the other.

Wonder how everyone else is doing with it.

I miss my “bar friends”.


— 30 —


One thought on “41 Arguments Against the Drug War

  1. John, whoever came up with those “side effects ” apparently never got hammered, attended high school,  or college. By now,  I’m immune. Best regards, and stay safe!

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