TECHNOLOGY: Blur’s “Masked Cards”

What are Masked Cards?

Masked Cards are unique, disposable, private credit cards created in the amount you specify. They are real MasterCards that function like a pre-paid gift card that you create on the fly as you shop. Use Masked Cards whenever you’re uncomfortable giving out your real card information.

Source: Blur

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​I’m trialing this as a way to keep autorenewals from autorenewing.  For a 100+$ per year, it MIGHT be an effective solution.
So for stuff I am keeping forever, I’ll just give them my permanent card.  For stuff that I am not (i.e., websites; domain names; software subscriptions), I’ll use a masked card.  Since there is a small handling charge due to card processing fees, I’ll have to run two distinct lists (i.e., stuff on the permanent card and one for the masked cards).
SO I’ll report back how it worked out.
Of course, I’m interested in any feedback you have abut this.
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