SECESSION: Breaking into 3 to frustrate Cal-Exit?

California clears first hurdle to breaking into three states
by Anna Giaritelli | Oct 29, 2017, 1:45 PM  

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The plan proposes making the area including and north of San Francisco into one state, a coastal region extending south to Los Angeles another state, and everywhere south and east of those a third state.

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Why would “we” give California more clout in the Senate now?

Just let them go their way in peace.

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JOBSEARCH: Action speaks louder than resumes


What Job-Hunting Teaches Us about the Value of Innovation
By: Ryan Ayers
In: Innovation Psychology

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Create Your Own Solution – Take Action

When you’re searching for your dream job, so are hundreds of others. They’re all applying for the same openings, using the same strategies to land a job that everyone else is. However, the people who really get noticed are the ones who go straight to the companies they want with their value, regardless of whether there’s a posted opening or not. One tech company hired four people in six months who proactively reached out and showed the decision-maker at the company what they could do to make his company more successful.

Innovators don’t wait until someone asks for a need to be filled. They spot the gaps before anyone else sees them, and take action to create solutions proactively. They know their efforts may not be successful, but they try anyway. Why? Because sometimes, it they do work. Decisive, informed action is what sets innovators apart, in both the job search and when driving the changes they want to see in the world.

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This reminded me of my very first job search when I took my first golden handshake from AT&T. I didn’t know any better, so I sent out 400+ letters to banks and brokerages. Each included a multi-page resume. I don’t remember the page count but it was long. It took two first class stamps to mail. And, each was personalize and in a hand addressed envelope. I was rewarded by many interviews and a choice of three offers. I started the second week in January and remember I was upset because I was out of work about 10 days. Laugh!

So, be aggressive in seeking out YOUR opportunities. I still believe that your UVP (Unique Value Equation) must be backed up with your USP (Unique Sales Process).

Good luck and good hunting.

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