WSJ: Survival comes from pre-planning



“Why are we the only ones going this direction? Are we digging our own grave?”

Eli Monroe, 34, on choosing a route to escape the deadliest wildfires in California history. We chronicle how the fires, which have left more than 40 people dead, have forced thousands to make similar, split-second decisions. Officials said Sunday that easing winds would help firefighters.

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One thing that “preppers”, survivalists, and plain old “industrial strength” corporate Disaster Recovery (DR) planners do is: (1) itemize the risks that you might face in the future; (2) weigh relative probability of all the possible “disasters”; and (3) continually develop, test, and update plans for when those “disasters” happen.

Strategies — for example: shift to an alternative location, mitigate the risks, create alternatives — are just unique approaches in response to a “viewpoint” to a particular risk. Interesting is that a single strategy can mitigate multiple risks.

Tactics — for example: having a “bug out” bag ready, having a “get out of Dodge” kit in your car trunk, having a “cache” at a secondary location — are all slight variations of the same thing. AND, once again, they can service several alternatives at the same time.

One mistake that CEOs, CFOs, Board of Directors, and IT leadership make is that the don’t test realistically and completely are “blind” to the “ground truth” that their EXPENSIVE DR plans are worthless. And they don’t want to hear it.

Don’t you make their mistake!

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