GOVEROTRAGEOUS: KILL the Department of Agriculture

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On the Department of Welfare, Crony Subsidies, and Math About Vegetables
* If the Department of Agriculture were honest, that’s what it would call itself.
JON CASSIDY October 11, 2017, 12:05 am

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The bulk of its budget, some $126 billion, is required by law to be wasted on welfare, farm subsidies, and such, but for the $25 billion remainder, the department has some discretion as to how it would like to waste the money on welfare and farm subsidies. There are massive programs for wasting the money indiscriminately, but also grant programs to spend the money in a targeted pointless way. An Austin gardener wants $100,000 to sell his hippie neighbors on the merits of organic produce? This is the place to fund that.*

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*It should be noted that organic food is a good idea. But it’s an idea that sells itself and we don’t need the Feds making the case.

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Let’s end the DoA as a bad idea whose time has past!

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