GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The warfare state is impoverishing us all


Ron Paul Rages At The Decades Of Wars’ Damage To The American Economy
By Tyler Durden Zero Hedge October 21, 2017

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“Just think if all the money we have spent overseas since World War II ended, if that money had been left in this country to let wealth grow,” proposes Paul.

Had that happened, Paul says there would not be so many people using food stamps, the middle class would not be dwindling, and the jobs situation would be better in America.

While the American economy in general has been hurt by the wars, Paul notes that some Americans have benefited financially. Paul concludes,

“It’s insanity to think that war improves your economic condition; it improves the condition of the war manufacturers.”

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Time to “repurpose” the Department of DEFENSE?

With all these “wars” that go on forever, “We, The Sheeple” need to stop these politicians and bureaucrats in their tracks. 

Personally, I blame Congress. They don’t want to take any responsibility for their actions. “The devil made me do it” is really the campaign contributions make me the corrupt venial fool that I am.

“Campaign Finance Reform” has to start with “Free Speech”. 

But, shouldn’t a politician be limited to raising funds within their own constituents?

And, corporations, as artificial creations of the Gooferment, shouldn’t have “free speech”?


“WE” have to stop the warfare state.

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