Healthy Convergence 
CVS is in talks to buy Aetna for more than $66 billion, as the drugstore giant works to fortify itself against looming competition from Amazon while the health-care industry undergoes a reordering. In a sign of the seriousness of the talks, the companies’ chief executives have met multiple times over a period of roughly six months. CVS has made a proposal to buy the health insurer for more than $200 a share. With Aetna, CVS could lock in a huge number of members for its pharmacy-benefit management arm, as well as customers for its drugstores. That could bolster its leverage in negotiations with drugmakers, while its oversight of health insurance could improve its ability to strike new deals that tie drug prices to patient outcomes. If a deal were to be struck, it would be the year’s largest.

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Wow, pretty stunning!

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VETERANS: Six KIAs deserve to have the truth told

Judge Nap: American People Need to Know Obama’s Role in Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

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Bergdahl was captured and held by the Taliban after leaving his remote post in Afghanistan in 2009.

After five years, the Taliban released Bergdahl in a prisoner swap for five detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

His punishment will be decided by a judge at a hearing starting October 23.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said he’s “furious” that this isn’t going to trial, because there are so many aspects about this case that the American people have the right to know about.

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Six good men dead. Five terrorists released. And “We, The Sheeple” will never get the truth.

Why did BHO44 and Susan Rice praise him? Is he crazy? 

Is the fix in to sweep this all under the proverbial rug?


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