WSJ: Is Weinstein’s movie flops the reason his conduct now becomes public?


Grossed Out 

The Weinstein Co. board of directors fired co-chairman Harvey Weinstein from the independent movie and television studio on Sunday, citing allegations of sexual misconduct. In multiple conversations over the past few days, board members expressed fury not just about revelations of Mr. Weinstein’s financial settlements with women who accused him of sexual harassment, but also the high-profile producer’s public attempts to defend himself. The allegations have cast doubt on film and television projects in the company’s pipeline, and left Hollywood wondering about its future. Several top Democrats have sought to distance themselves from Mr. Weinstein, including by making charitable donations to offset his past political contributions to them. And much of Hollywood—rarely shy on matters of women’s empowerment—has been conspicuously silent about Mr. Weinstein’s apparent behavior.

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And I am sure that his “losing streak” profitable movie-wise, has nothing to do with the unacceptability of his alleged conduct?

Hollywood “celebrities” are two faced idiots, who have equated their success with “expertise” in all manner of topics, and “We, The Sheeple” listen to their “barbara streisand”. 


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Calling it a “fine” doesn’t legitimaize the taking-by-force of someone’s money who has not damaged anyone

Not So Merry Men
By eric – September 30, 2017

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Calling it a “fine” doesn’t legitimate the taking-by-force of someone’s money who has not damaged anyone, for the benefit of the government – which is precisely what a tax is

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These 4.2 million have become outlaws as a result of not having ponied up. Which triggers escalation by the “sheriff” – who revokes their “privilege” to drive. Very much in the way Robin and his men were forbidden to hunt the King’s deer in Sherwood Forest.

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Sorry but the “motor vehicle laws” needs a lot of revisions!

Most need imho is that a license can not be suspended without notice by certified mail return receipt requested and a court hearing that allows the “defendant” to be heard BEFORE they are penalized.


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