GUNS: The average gun owner isn’t interested doing a thing to anyone


AP Focuses Spotlight On LGBTQ Gun Group
Posted at 8:30 am on October 23, 2017 by Tom Knighton

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But those same conservatives are also the very same people who have volunteered as part of Operation Blazing Sword, a project launched following the Pulse Orlando shooting last year. It’s where a large number of conservative and libertarian gun owners–including myself, to be clear–volunteered to help teach the LGBTQ community how to shoot so they could protect themselves.

In short, the average gun owner isn’t interested doing a thing to anyone in the Trigger Warnings group…except maybe chuckle at their name because it’s kind of awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, the concerns about neo-Nazis have a place. They’re out there and they’re a threat to pretty much anyone who disagrees with them on anything, but more so for people who are part of groups lacking approval by their warped ideology. Being concerned about those threats definitely has a place in one’s training.

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All the gun owners that I’ve met — not a statistical study by any means — are just folks who want to have fun, shoot strange stuff, and not be bothered by busybodies.

I recently read that gun shootings by non-police have an extremely small percentage of error or harm to innocents. Further, that just the presence of a good person with a gun tends to stop crime. Finally, “gun free zones” are dangerous because they attract the bad guys.


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