We are continuing our search for a VP of ERP for a large multi-billion dollar global client in the Carolina’s and wanted to be sure you knew!

The successful candidate will need to have a solid ERP background in SAP, or Oracle, etc. as well as leadership who can work well with the executive staff and communicate and execute that vision to the business folks.

In addition this person will need to know how to leverage IT to grow the company, be proactive, always bringing additional capabilities thru IT.

In a nutshell this person will have over all responsibility for applications and ERP systems globally, as well as leadership over all ERP projects, app dev, implementation, and continuous improvement.

Experience needed includes; 10+yrs of AppDev and leadership, at least one successful ERP project, and experience as a senior leader having strong leadership/management experience.

Great compensation package and fantastic place to live!

This person reports directly to the CIO and will have a great degree of latitude to make it happen!
If you are looking for a sizeable company, global, and a great career opportunity, we need to talk.
Take a look at the job spec and let me know if this is a fit for you OR someone you could recommend.

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How to Make Your Own Seed Bombs
August 10, 2013
10:00 am

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Guerrilla gardening may use the language of civilian warfare, but floral beauty is the uniting cause. Gardening without permission is another way of describing these activities: not strictly legal but filed away by the authorities under the category of “What’s not to like?” Alex Mitchell in her book The Rurbanite shows the editors of Gardenista how to make seed bombs, using guerrilla tactics to spread cheer.

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For some reason this appeals to the rebel in my soul.

Even if you never see the flowers, someone else will.

This is almost karmic. Or aka something I could see “Dharma” doing. (Obsure reference to Janna Elfman from “Dharma and Greg”! @jennaelfman)

Maybe I’ll do this when I go to Alaska?

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INTERESTING: Fifty Questions

Because sometimes asking the right questions is the answer.

  1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

    I feel 40. What difference do the numbers mean?

  2. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

    Failure is is always worth.

  3. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

    We “have” to. Either to satisfy an external figure or an inner delusion.

  4. When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

    Absolutely more said. Often doing is some much easier than selling or claiming.

  5. What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

    The hypocrisy of politicians and their corruption.

  6. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

    Working as a health care advocate for sick folks.

  7. Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

    Always what I believe in; otherwise who cares.

  8. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

    Skip chasing the dollar and take sabbaticals.

  9. To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

    Not at all. I made “choices” but who knows if they controlled anything.

  10. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

    Doing the right things. Often just doing them is “good enough”.

  11. You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire.  They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend.  The criticism is distasteful and unjustified.  What do you do?

    Even if the criticism is justified, I must defend my friend. If they talk about my friend behind their back, then they will do the same for me. Beware!

  12. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

    Keep a diary of your entire life. You’ll forget the details. And, you won’t learn the lessons of your personal history.

  13. Would you break the law to save a loved one?


  14. Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?


  15. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

    Don’t keep track of details.

  16. How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?

    I’m weird!

  17. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?  What’s holding you back?

    Go to Alaska. Conflicts with an opportunity that is currently more important that Alaska which isn’t going anywhere.

  18. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

    My past.

  19. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

    New Hampshire because all the crazy lIbertarians are there.

  20. Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?


  21. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?

    How would I know the difference?

  22. Why are you, you?

    More worried genius than joyful simpleton, but that may be debated.

  23. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?

    I hope so.

  24. Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?

    I’ve had friends move away; never lost touch with one close by. So the move is away.

  25. What are you most grateful for?

    Finding my sulmate.

  26. Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

    Never make new ones. The best years of my life are behind me.

  27. Is is possible to know the truth without challenging it first?

    Yes. A priori knowledge comes from the Creator.

  28. Has your greatest fear ever come true?

    Yes, my spouse passed. Knew it was coming for 35 years. It did.

  29. Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset?  Does it really matter now?

    Yes. Yes. I think the medical profession screwed up. I believe it made a long term difference.

  30. What is your happiest childhood memory?  What makes it so special?

    Read to the old nuns in First Grade instead of being stuck in Yack In The Box class. I was helping them and enjoying what I did. They felt that they were helping me.

  31. At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

    When the Critical Care doc took my charts and said to the other docs that “The husband has the answer here in these charts if we just look at them.” Made me feel vindicated in my anal record keeping.

  32. If not now, then when?

    Had my moment in the sun. Don’t know if it did any good. The final outcome was pre-destined.

  33. If you haven’t achieved it yet, what do you have to lose?


  34. Have you ever been with someone, said nothing, and walked away feeling like you just had the best conversation ever?

    When my wife’s near last words were: “Thank you for all youv’e done for me. I love you.” I was too choked to say anything.

  35. Why do religions that support love cause so many wars?

    Everyone has the “truth” and they ignore the Dali Lama’s “We are all fingers on the same hand.”

  36. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?

    Yes, certain principles are universal.

  37. If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?


  38. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?


  39. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?

  40. When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?


  41. If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?

    No one. They know how I feel and I can’t help them.

  42. Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?

    Yeah, sure. Like that could happen.

  43. What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

    The passion and joy that you feel.

  44. When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just go ahead and do what you know is right?


  45. If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?

    Because there are two types of mistakes, above and below the waterline. People don’t understand and hence all mistakes are treated as bad.

  46. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?


  47. When was the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?

    Every day when I meditate.

  48. What do you love?  Have any of your recent actions openly expressed this love?

    I believe so.

  49. In 5 years from now, will you remember what you did yesterday?  What about the day before that?  Or the day before that?

    No. No. And, no. Nothing is memorable.

  50. Decisions are being made right now.  The question is:  Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?

    Making them for myself. Flipping a coin if needed.