INSPIRATIONAL: Don’t get old.

10 Steps to a Happier Life
Jordyn Cormier
August 3, 2013

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Don’t get old. Getting old means abandoning your creative instincts. It means stressing more. It means being serious all the time. But, there are many ninety-year-olds with who certainly don’t act “old.” Being young and creative is a state of mind, regardless of age. And creativity is the fuel of happiness. So, go lie in the grass and pick out shapes in the clouds. Roll around if you want to. It is perfectly alright, regardless of what society has lead you to believe.

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We’re it just that easy. 

Sorry, but when you become “tired” of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, what is left?

I’ve often thought that since you can’t go back, you must go forward. But then I think of the guy lost in the forest wandering in circles, defeating the best efforts of the rescue party by not letting himself be found.

Strange world we live in. 

But I did like the author’s advice about “Have a beer”.

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